published : 2023-09-29

Former Massachusetts Funeral Home Listed for Sale: 'Probably Haunted'

A Funeral Home Hits the Market for $769K. Would You Live Here?

Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV: A photo of the exterior of the Turgeon Funeral Home in downtown Millbury, Massachusetts.

A former funeral home in Massachusetts has hit the market, but buyers are being warned that the property is 'probably haunted.' The Turgeon Funeral Home, built in 1850, is located in downtown Millbury.

Originally built for a single family, the home has been operating as a funeral home since 1948. Now, it is up for sale for $769,000.

Despite its unsettling reputation, the real estate listing highlights the potential to convert the property back into a single family home. If you're a homeowner seeking a residence with exceptional presence and space, this could be the ideal opportunity.

With its impressive size of 5,188 square feet, the property boasts three bedrooms, five bathrooms, and various large rooms. The first floor features multiple spacious areas and two-and-a-half bathrooms, while the second floor encompasses the three bedrooms, one full bathroom, two half bathrooms, two kitchens, and additional living spaces.

Taken with Nikon D850: A close-up shot of the historic plaque on the side of the former funeral home building built in 1850.

While the home's previous use as a funeral parlor may have given it an eerie aura, there are plenty of attractive features. Cozy sunlit porches, a three-car garage, an exterior shed, and a full basement offer practical amenities for a comfortable living experience.

The intriguing aspect of the property does not go unnoticed. Realtor Erika Kristla Eucker, who is handling the sale, has even hung up a sign on the house declaring it as 'Probably Haunted.' The red print sign enhances the mystique surrounding this charming yet enigmatic home.

As Fox 5 reported, Eucker commented, 'It's been standing for many years and certainly has some history to go with it.' This historical context adds to the allure of the Turgeon Funeral Home.

While the potential ghostly presence may deter some potential buyers, others are enticed by the uniqueness and spaciousness it offers. The property provides a truly remarkable opportunity in the Massachusetts real estate market.

Taken with Sony Alpha a7 III: An atmospheric photo of the cozy sunlit porches of the Turgeon Funeral Home, offering a glimpse into its unique charm.

If you're someone who appreciates history and seeks an extraordinary dwelling, the Turgeon Funeral Home presents an intriguing prospect. Its blend of charm, space, and a touch of mystery make it an alluring choice for those who dare to venture into the unknown.

So, would you take the chance of residing in this 'probably haunted' Massachusetts funeral home?