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published : 2023-08-21

Kate Middleton Stays Clear of Harry’s Diplomatic Feud Despite Rumors: Experts Say

Relations Between Duke of Sussex and Prince of Wales Remain Tense

An image of Kate Middleton, clear and radiant in her royal attire, as she adeptly navigates a public event. The image underscores her grace and the strength of her character. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

According to Nick Bullen, co-founder of True Royalty TV, the apparent fray between Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, and his father, Prince Charles lingers amidst speculations of potential reconciliations.

Despite rumors to the contrary, insiders insist that Duchess Kate Middleton remains aloof from the brotherly clash.

Recent assumptions suggested the Duchess of Cambridge sought to mediate peace talks between Harry and the royal family, an idea refuted by several insiders privy to the royal household.

Closer, a UK-based magazine, recently claimed Kate Middleton had been counselling Prince Harry, encouraging him to stay upbeat despite ongoing challenges, but this claim is highly disputed.

However, the spokespersons for The Duke of Sussex and Kensington Palace did not comment on the situation.

The commotion traces back to Harry's dramatic severance from his royal duties in 2020, a move which has seemingly alienated him from his father, the Prince of Wales.

However, noted royal commentator Kinsey Schofield, on her podcast 'To Di For Daily', firmly rebuked the idea of Kate Middleton initiating rogue peace talks.

It's a common belief Prince William holds significant resentment over Prince Harry and Meghan’s public disclosures involving Duchess Kate, something she would be unlikely to bypass.

A stolen shot of Prince Harry, brooding yet resolute. This image provides insight into the depth of his character and the complexity of his present situation. (Taken with Nikon D850)

Schofield postulates that the Duke and Duchess remain unaware of the trials faced by Prince Harry, leaving little merit to the supposed counseling from Kate.

As such, the Prince and Princess of Wales are more occupied with their 2023 agenda, distancing themselves from the consistent Sussex drama.

A once close relationship between the brothers has deteriorated since Harry's marital exit; they barely communicated during the recent king’s coronation.

The discord between the princes reportedly sprouted even before Harry and Meghan Markle exchanged vows.

In 2019, remarking on the hastily-developing relationship between Harry and Meghan, Prince William shared his anxieties, which Harry perceived as criticism rather than well-meaning advice.

This incident was perhaps the inception of the sibling discord.

Harry and Meghan, crowned the Duke and Duchess of Sussex, removed themselves from their senior royal duties in 2020 blaming invasive media and racist treatment — moving to Montecito shortly after.

Their public revelations in the subsequent period — Oprah's two-hour interview, launching a six-part Netflix show and Harry's top-selling memoir — saw no indication of the estrangement easing.

A quiet, rare captured moment of Prince William, his contemplative expression hinting at the magnitude of royal duties and responsibilities, and perhaps, his concern for his estranged brother. (Taken with Sony A7R III)

On the contrary, expert opinion seems to indicate that Duchess Kate is distancing herself from the ongoing feud.

Author Christopher Anderson believes that instead of actively trying to patch things up, Kate is taking a cautious approach, wary of the fallout.

Duchess Kate Middleton and Prince Harry were known to share a close bond, often siding each other humorously against Prince William’s serious demeanor.

Months before Kate Middleton’s wedding to Prince William, Harry had described her as a 'fantastic girl' and looked forward to having her in the family, sentiments reflected in his memoir.

Despite the apparent love and respect he held for his sister-in-law, the recent turmoil has strained their relationship.

However, some commentators hold the opinion that if there’s a possibility of reconciliation, Duchess Kate would make the first move.

Even though the chasms seem too wide to bridge, insider sources reveal that an intervention to start peace talks may just be what’s needed.

But considering the deep-seated views, such reconciliation may be challenging and may necessitate apologies from both sides, the likelihood of which is uncertain.