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published : 2023-10-19

NWA Owner Billy Corgan Paves the Way for Samhain, Talks New Territory and 'Moneyball' Approach

NWA Samhain Set to Take Place on October 28

Billy Corgan addressing the crowd at an NWA event, taken with a Nikon D850

Renowned musician and NWA owner, Billy Corgan, is gearing up for another extraordinary pay-per-view event. This time, the National Wrestling Alliance is heading to Cleveland for NWA Samhain on October 28.

With eight thrilling matches already confirmed, the spotlight will be on EC3 as he defends his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship against Thom Latimer in the main event. This historic showdown comes on the heels of EC3's recent victory against Tyrus in a bull rope match, where he claimed the title for the first time in his career.

But that's not all. Billy Corgan also made a groundbreaking announcement about the establishment of the NWA territories system. The first addition to this system is Exodus Pro Wrestling, signaling a new era of expansion and collaboration within the NWA.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Corgan expressed his satisfaction with the progress and the challenges of building a successful wrestling company. He acknowledged the difficulty of not only creating an entertaining wrestling product but also developing a company that resonates with the public.

EC3 defending his NWA Worlds Heavyweight Championship, captured with a Canon EOS R6

Despite the obstacles, Corgan is proud of the wrestling content they now offer. With an impressive average of five pay-per-views a year, each event showcases undeniable talent and captures the interest of fans worldwide. Corgan believes that the NWA is surpassing many of its competitors in terms of the quality and excitement they deliver. However, he remains determined to elevate the company even further.

The upcoming NWA Samhain card boasts an impressive lineup, featuring well-known wrestling stars like EC3, Latimer, Carnage, Mike Knox, Trevor Murdoch, and Aron Stevens. Additionally, legendary wrestlers such as Vampiro and The Headbangers will make appearances, along with rising talents like Kenzie Paige, Ruthie Jay, Silas Mason, Kerry Morton, and Colby Corino.

Corgan recognizes the importance of experience and credibility when it comes to the roster. He understands that former WWE talents bring a wealth of knowledge and a unique perspective to the NWA. Wrestlers like Murdoch, Stevens, EC3, Latimer, and Chris Adonis have years of experience at the highest levels of the industry and serve as mentors to the younger talents.

Considering the global reach of televised wrestling, Corgan emphasizes the significance of producing a product that translates well to the screen. He acknowledges the influence of Vince McMahon's ingenuity in creating a wrestling product designed for television. Drawing from the skills acquired within the WWE system, these talented individuals help the NWA capture and engage audiences around the world.

A group of NWA wrestlers showcasing their talents in a thrilling match, photographed with a Sony A7 III

Since acquiring the NWA in 2017, Billy Corgan's vision has been to revive the territories system that once thrived across the United States. This system had been overshadowed by WWE and World Championship Wrestling in recent years. As part of this revival, Corgan reached out to EC3 to explore a partnership with his Exodus Pro promotion. The collaboration was a success, with many other promotions expressing interest in joining the NWA territories system.

For Corgan, the territories represent an opportunity for wrestlers who may be constrained by the demanding travel schedules of larger promotions. It allows them to perform more frequently and cultivate their craft. While seeking to build the next generation of superstars, Corgan acknowledges the challenges in identifying exceptional talents. He compares this process to the concept of 'Moneyball,' where undervalued or underappreciated individuals can find their place within the NWA system and thrive.

This electrifying event, NWA Samhain, is one you won't want to miss. Mark your calendars for October 28 and witness the culmination of talent, excitement, and innovation that the National Wrestling Alliance has to offer.