published : 2023-09-07

Former Child Star Taylor Momsen Reveals the Untold Story of Her Iconic 'Grinch' Role

Momsen and Jim Carrey Stunned Audiences in the Beloved Holiday Film

Taylor Momsen holding a Cindy Lou Who doll, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

At the tender age of 7, Taylor Momsen entered the world of popular culture, captivating audiences as Cindy Lou Who in the timeless classic, Dr. Seuss' 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'.

Paired with the illustrious Jim Carrey, who brought the infamous Grinch to life, Momsen became inseparable from her wide-eyed character, Cindy Lou Who. But little did she know, this role would bring her both fame and relentless mockery.

During an intimate conversation on SiriusXM's 'Podcrushed' podcast, hosted by her former co-star from 'Gossip Girl', Penn Badgley, Momsen opened up about the profound impact 'The Grinch' had on her life.

Reflecting on her early school days, she shared, 'Every time I would start a new school or go somewhere else, I don't think the kids knew my name. I was just 'Grinch Girl'. I got used to it, but it was alienating.'

Jim Carrey in full Grinch costume, captured with a Nikon D850

As a child, Momsen's life was transient, constantly uprooted and relocated to new cities. This made it even more challenging for her to connect with peers who only saw her as the character she portrayed on the big screen.

Yet, despite the relentless teasing, Momsen cherishes her time on the film set and the indelible mark it left on her young heart.

Recalling her experience, she shared, 'Honestly, it was great... It's weird to think back on your life as a kid in films and stuff and try to remember what you... actually remember and what you remember because you've seen it. So my memories are a little blurred from that experience, but the thing I remember the most about it, the thing I kind of took with me from that, was that was my first time in a recording studio.'

In the movie, little Cindy Lou Who sings the heartwarming tune 'Where Are You Christmas?'. For Momsen, it was a transformative moment that sparked her deep passion for music.

Taylor Momsen recording 'Where Are You Christmas?' in a professional studio, photographed with a Sony Alpha a7 III

Momsen fondly recalls her co-star Jim Carrey, describing him as 'so nice' and an embodiment of an artist. She admits that, at such a young age, she couldn't fully comprehend his artistic process, but his dedication and immersion in the role left a lasting impression on her.

Following her acclaimed performance in 'The Grinch', Momsen went on to make a splash on the small screen as Jenny Humphrey in the popular series 'Gossip Girl', where she portrayed Penn Badgley's younger sister.

Yet, after four seasons, Momsen's character was written out of the show to allow her to fully pursue her music career, which led her to become the lead singer of the rock band, The Pretty Reckless.

Taylor Momsen's journey from child star to accomplished musician has been a remarkable one, shaped by her iconic role in 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas'. The enduring impact of this beloved holiday film serves as a reminder that appearances can be deceiving, and behind the scenes, a young talent was being shaped into an extraordinary artist.