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published : 2023-10-15

Country Music and the Essence of Patriotism

Stories of Grit and Patriotism Reflect the Pulse of America

Singer-songwriter Maren Morris performing on stage with an American flag backdrop, taken with a Nikon D850

Singer-songwriter Maren Morris recently criticized country music, claiming it is in the midst of an 'existential crisis' by closely tying itself to patriotism, America, and freedom.

But Morris misses the mark entirely.

Country music isn't just about love for our country; it is rooted in the very fabric of America. It reflects the heartbeat of our nation.

To suggest that country music is 'too patriotic' is to misunderstand its essence.

In fact, country music is a medium that captures the conversations happening across America today.

An attack on country music, patriotism, and Donald Trump is nothing new. It's an assault on the core values that have defined this genre.

Country music legend Lee Greenwood singing passionately during a live concert, captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

When Jason Aldean faced backlash from the 'woke mob,' it wasn't about a racist song; it was a response to the changes in our society, from law enforcement to the rise of looting in small towns.

Country music has always been a voice for everyday Americans, addressing the challenges they face.

Take 'God Bless the USA,' for example, a song I penned forty years ago that showcased the struggles of American farmers during the grain embargo caused by geopolitical crises.

The song's message resonated because it depicted the true grit and patriotism of those fighting to survive.

This is the power of country music.

When liberal artists criticize the genre for its lyrics, they miss the point.

Jason Aldean, a prominent figure in country music, engaging with the audience during a heartfelt performance, photographed with a Sony Alpha a7 III

Country music reflects the reality of America, capturing the spirit of hard work, freedom, and resilience.

Rather than canceling country music, artists like Morris should embrace their role in continuing the conversation about what it means to be American today.

Attempting to silence an entire genre because of personal preferences is a dangerous path towards censorship and the erosion of free expression.

Let us recognize the values that have made country music great and celebrate its ability to convey the stories of everyday Americans.