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published : 2023-08-26

Liam Neeson Recounts His Last Confession at Age 15, Shamed by Priest for Startling Admission

71-year-old 'Retribution' star, Liam Neeson, retells his last confession as a teenage altar boy at his local church in Ireland, with a missionary from Africa.

A solemn image depicting a young boy in intrigue, looking towards a church. This image mirrors young Liam's religious curiosity at the beginning of his life journey. - Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

At a tender age of 15, in the heart of Ireland, a famous face was engaging in profound adolescent introspection, unbeknownst to him, that it would become a defining moment in his religious journey.

Liam Neeson, the marquee star renowned for his roles in action thrillers like 'Retribution', shared in a candid interview with notable comedian Conan O'Brien, the incident that prompted him to permanently forgo confession on reaching the doorstep of his mid-teenage years.

Neeson, raised in a staunch Catholic family, looked back on the time when his church was visited by an African missionary, an event that elicited deep echoes of festivity in his young heart.

Playing the role of an altar boy, he found great privilege in serving the Mass, but the opportunity to confess to the visiting missionary was a perceived privilege he ardently sought after.

A dynamic shot taken from a low angle of an anonymous priest addressing the congregation, symbolizing the authoritative figure that rebuked Liam for confession. - Taken with Nikon D850.

The episode that triggered his withdrawal from confession initiates when he guiltily confessed to 'self-pleasure'. Not comprehending the magnitude of his confession, he was abruptly rebuked by the priest.

The guilt-ridden youth, amid praying old women waiting just outside the confessional, heard the priest's booming reprimand that insinuated his 'evil practice' would lead to physical deformity before he even reached the age of 21.

Carrying the fear and shame, Neeson concluded his confessions for good upon leaving the confessional on that fateful day.

However, while he may have left his altar boy days behind, Neeson shares that he is continually 'questing after God' and is perpetually attracted to roles that contain a hint of faith.

A focused portrait of Liam Neeson gazing thoughtfully into the distance, representing his reflections on religion in his acting career. - Taken with Sony A7R III.

In his journey as an actor, regardless of no longer attending confessions, he still finds himself intrigued by religion and the various catholic scripts that come his way.

Neeson admits, 'There’s always a little light that goes off in my head when I read a script that’s faith-based in some way.'