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published : 2023-09-29

Brady Bunch Actress Eve Plumb Recalls How Shocking Role Saved Her from Child Star Curse

Actress who played Jan Brady in hit sitcom is auctioning several personal items through Julien's Auctions

Eve Plumb as Jan Brady in 'The Brady Bunch', taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Eve Plumb, renowned for her role as Jan Brady in the hit sitcom 'The Brady Bunch,' is teaming up with Julien's Auctions for a special auction featuring several personal items.

Despite playing the misunderstood middle child on screen, Plumb revealed that she never fell victim to the child star curse that often plagues Hollywood.

From the age of 6, Plumb embarked on her showbiz career and gained fame through her role as Jan Brady from 1969 to 1974.

After her time on 'The Brady Bunch,' the actress seamlessly transitioned back to high school, attending a private school where she excelled academically and also participated in cheerleading.

Plumb was fortunate to never feel ostracized or treated differently due to her acting career, attributing it to the acceptance of actors in Los Angeles.

Now, years later, Plumb is reflecting on her extensive career by auctioning off a remarkable collection of personal items through Julien's Auctions.

The items up for auction include signed teleplays, original scripts, unseen photographs, and more, all of which hold cherished memories for the actress.

Eve Plumb attending a charity auction event, taken with a Nikon D850

Plumb's journey into showbiz began when a children's agent moved in next door to her family. This encounter led her to audition for a commercial and subsequently land the job, kickstarting her successful acting career.

Continuously booking commercials and television roles, Plumb found herself venturing into more challenging and diverse roles, ultimately breaking away from her Jan Brady persona.

One such role that played a significant part in preventing her from being typecast was in the TV films 'Dawn: Portrait of a Teenage Runaway' (1976) and 'Alexander: The Other Side of Dawn' (1977).

In these movies, Plumb portrayed a 15-year-old who runs away to Hollywood and becomes involved in the dark world of prostitution, providing her with a refreshing and transformative experience as an actress.

Despite her initial success as Jan Brady, Plumb continued to land different roles in popular television shows such as 'Murder, She Wrote,' 'The Love Boat,' and 'Fantasy Island,' proving her versatility as an actress.

In the '90s, she took on the role of a mother in the Judy Blume-based series 'Fudge.'

Plumb cherishes her time on 'The Brady Bunch' and has chosen to auction off personal items that evoke precious memories from her career.

Eve Plumb showcasing her artwork in a gallery exhibit, taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III

Among these items is a Kodak M42 Instamatic Super 8 movie camera gifted to her by Robert Reed, who played her TV dad. Reed gave all his TV children these cameras to encourage their interest in theater and the arts.

Plumb will always remember the generous gestures of Reed, Florence Henderson, and Ann B. Davis, who played the housekeeper. They introduced her to needlepoint, a popular pastime in the '70s, and Plumb's needlepoint creations will also be part of the auction.

Looking back on her time filming 'The Brady Bunch,' Plumb reflects on the wonderful memories she made with her co-stars and the valuable life lessons she learned from them.

Today, Plumb continues to audition for various roles, including voice-overs, while also developing her line of home accessories called Plumb Goods.

As an artist, Plumb finds solace in painting, which she started during downtime between acting jobs.

Plumb's experience on 'The Brady Bunch' has shaped her life in remarkable ways, and she is grateful for the lasting impact the show has had on fans worldwide.

The online auction, 'Brady Bunch and More: Eve Plumb's 'Jan Brady' & Career Archives,' will take place on October 2, showcasing the treasured items from Plumb's illustrious career.