published : 2023-12-02

Disney's Woke Drift: A Stunning Revelation and Founder's Words

How Disney execs have ignored their founder's advice

A charming vintage photograph of a young Walt Disney, taken with a Kodak Brownie camera.

In a startling admission, The Walt Disney Company has acknowledged the negative impact of its woke policies on its bottom line. While this may not be the organization's most obvious concession, it raises important questions about its historic drift from its founder's ideals.

"The Official Walt Disney Quote Book" was published earlier this year. Compiled by the staff of the Walt Disney Archives, it offers a delightful insight into the wisdom of the company's founder. What is truly stunning, though, is how blatantly Disney representatives have disregarded his advice over the years.

Disney's decline as a family-friendly empire is reminiscent of Ernest Hemingway's description of financial bankruptcy: "Gradually, then suddenly." The organization seems to have strayed from its initial values, veering into woke insanity.

However, the publication of the quote book might be seen as a silent cry for help. It features heartfelt admonitions from Walt Disney himself, and if these words were heeded, they might free the company from its current trap.

A heartwarming image of families enjoying a day at Disneyland, captured with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Flipping through the hardcover volume, it becomes evident that what Walt Disney said is not groundbreaking but rather common sense. What is remarkable is how Disney representatives have ignored their founder's advice for all these years.

Walt Disney emphasized the importance of keeping families together, as they were the backbone of the company's business. He also wanted to create movies that showcased the good side of teenagers, in contrast to the delinquency often depicted on screen.

Disney's desperate need for help is highlighted by the fact that these sentiments are rarely expressed by its current executives.

The notion that children are easily influenced by their surroundings is not new. What they see and think about consistently shapes their character. It's no wonder that with a diet of violence, vulgarity, and crassness, such behaviors have become rampant in society.

A powerful black and white portrait of children engrossed in a Disney animated film, taken with a Nikon D850.

Disney's founder recognized this responsibility and urged adults to shape the world of tomorrow through moral and spiritual standards. He believed that religion helps individuals navigate the storms of life and find inspiration.

Alongside the prominence of family values, Walt Disney's patriotism shone through. He proudly claimed his allegiance to America, seeing no reason to denigrate his own country.

Disney's decline did not occur suddenly; it has been a gradual descent. For years, parents have grappled with navigating a once family-friendly brand that has succumbed to the corrupt and collapsed culture. Perhaps Walt Disney's own words can propel the company back from its moral precipice.