published : 2023-09-17

Storyteller Reveals Faith at Work: Prioritizing Values Over Business

Prominent Figures Share How They Practice Their Faith in the Workplace

A photo of a person passionately writing at their desk, expressing their faith through their craft. [Taken with Nikon D850]

How do people of faith express and live out their beliefs in their busy work lives?

This question was posed to various faith leaders and influential individuals in September 2023.

Their responses shed light on the different ways faith can shape one's approach to work.

One of these individuals is Brian Godawa, a renowned screenwriter and author from Dallas, Texas.

Godawa emphasizes that his Christian worldview and values are reflected in his storytelling.

He refuses to exploit evil for entertainment value, instead using it as a necessary component of redemptive storytelling.

In all his writing, Godawa seeks to obey God's commands and honor Him with his craft.

He does not prioritize success or fame, but rather aims for excellence that honors God regardless of results or rejection.

Godawa is firm in his conviction to avoid falsehoods and plagiarism, seeking to give credit where credit is due.

A close-up image of a person holding a book with the title 'Cruel Logic: The Philosopher Killer' written by Brian Godawa, emphasizing the redemptive storytelling mentioned in the article. [Taken with Canon EOS R5]

His goal is to inspire his audience with messages that promote personal responsibility and discourage victimhood or violence.

He firmly believes in treating others as he would like to be treated, refusing to engage in dishonest business practices.

Another individual who shared insights on faith at work is Bruce Sidebotham, a consulting expert from Monument, Colorado.

Sidebotham highlights the importance of recognizing the inherent value and dignity of all individuals.

He emphasizes that people's significance and esteem should not be based on external factors like intelligence, race, or gender.

True value and dignity stem from the belief that all individuals are sacredly created in the image of God.

By anchoring one's identity in an eternal relationship with God, superficial differences become less relevant.

Sidebotham emphasizes that inside the kingdom of heaven, all individuals have equal significance and dignity.

Lastly, Pastor Jesse Bradley, who runs Grace Community Church outside Seattle, shares his perspective on faith in the workplace.

A group photo of diverse individuals working together in an office, symbolizing the value and dignity of all people, as discussed by Bruce Sidebotham. [Taken with Sony A7 III]

He believes that work is a calling, and finding the right job is a prayerful endeavor.

While work can be challenging and stressful, Bradley encourages individuals to embody compassion and integrity.

He advises consistently showing kindness, being a good listener, and refraining from gossip or slander.

By working with diligence and going the extra mile, individuals create an environment where God's love and truth shine.

Bradley reminds us to be grateful for the gift of work and to recognize its potential for meaning and joy.

Ultimately, he encourages individuals to seek spiritual vibrancy and integrate their faith into every aspect of life.

The shared insights from these prominent figures demonstrate that faith can be a guiding force in navigating the challenges of the workplace.

By prioritizing values, maintaining integrity, and treating others with compassion, individuals can create a meaningful and purposeful work life.