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published : 2023-08-24

Overcome your fear of flying with these calming tips

These tips can help you overcome your fear for your next vacation

"A nervous traveler sketching out a flying plane, highlighting the initial fear and anticipation. (Taken with Nikon D850)"

Imagine if you could reclaim the freedom of air travel; booking a ticket, boarding a flight, and savouring a vacation without the oppressive fear of flying.

A world where long-distance trips aren't daunting but exciting, where you don't lag behind in making memories due to fear.

The journey is half the battle, they say, and every journey becomes smoother when you travel like a pro.

For those burdened with aerophobia, or feeling an overwhelming anxiety at the mere thought of flying, the dream of effortless air travel can now become a reality.

This pursuit to overcome the fear of flying doesn't have to be a solitary endeavor.

Let's take some guidance from Captain Tom Bunn. This licensed therapist and retired pilot initiated SOAR in 1982, a simple program designed to give everyone smooth flight experiences.

Establishing kinship - that's the first step Captain Bunn advises. Simple, isn’t it? Bunn suggests meeting the pilot when boarding.

"A traveler interacting with a pilot before departure, emphasizing the idea of establishing a 'kinship'. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)"

Connecting with the person at the cockpit can ease the fear of giving up control, making flights less daunting.

Another nemesis when flying? Breathing irregularities.

Thankfully, mediation techniques can be a savior. Take, for instance, an exercise Bunn endorses to regulate stress hormones - the '5, 4, 3, 2, 1'.

Losing yourself in a movie or TV show could make time fly, stripping away the realization of being airborne.

But don't forget to carry your headphones! Or, if reading is your escape, bring along your favorite book, even coloring books and crosswords can work wonders.

Lucky to have a travel buddy? A card game might be your perfect companion for the journey.

Sleeping on a plane can indeed be challenging, especially when unease creeps in. The best solution? Equip yourselves with a few helpful accessories.

"An anxious flyer calmly absorbed in a book mid-flight, illustrating the idea of distraction and relaxation. (Taken with Sony Alpha a7 III)"

Travel pillows, blankets, calming sounds on your phone – these small elements can substantially aid your quest for inflight tranquillity.

Smart booking of your flight also plays a critical role. Be early to book your flight, securing a seat best suited for your comfort.

Understanding planes better can also empower you with confidence. Knowledge about how planes function, their safety measures, can dispel concerns and make you feel safer when airborne.

Moreover, know this - plane crashes and fatalities are rare. The chances stand at about one in 11 million.

Understanding turbulence, a common factor in flights, is also helpful. Even though it can be unnerving, turbulence is usually harmless and is a conventional part of air travel.

Travelling with a companion? Lean onto shared support. Sharing your fears, comfort objects, and being in the presence of a familiar face can help soothe your nerves.

Remember, the world is full of exciting adventures, so let's embrace the freedom to travel!