published : 2023-09-07

Biden's Expectations: Media as Promoters, Not Critics

President Biden's frustration and desire for media support

A photo of President Biden delivering a speech, highlighting his frustrations with the media. [Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV]

When it comes to the national media, Republicans anticipate skepticism and hostility. They understand that the press works for the Other Party. However, Democrats have a different mindset. They expect the media to be the wind beneath their wings. They get upset when journalists don't help them at every turn.

This expectation was highlighted on NBC's 'Meet the Press' during an interview with liberal author Franklin Foer. Foer discussed his new book on President Joe Biden and shared a quote where Biden considered his poor approval rating a failing of the media. According to Biden, the media neglected to acknowledge the ways in which his administration was superior to Trump's.

It seems that Biden wanted the media to not just be his publicists, but his magicians. He believed that his incompetence on issues such as the border, inflation, and the withdrawal from Afghanistan should not have affected his approval rating. Biden placed the responsibility on the press to maintain his popularity, regardless of his job performance.

An image of journalists questioning President Biden during a press conference, showcasing the tense relationship between the media and politicians. [Taken with Nikon D850]

Democrats desire the media to make politics like bumper bowling for children, where every move is a strike and every Democrat receives a participation trophy. Biden even complained about the lack of surrogates defending him on television, despite the fact that many journalists already sound like Biden supporters to Republicans.

It's puzzling that Biden expected reporters to argue in every newscast and newspaper that he was superior to Trump. Trump has been consistently portrayed as the End of Democracy, while Biden presents himself as the Guardian of Democracy. Foer argues that under Biden, the press seeks to reassert its standards of objectivity. However, the irony is palpable considering the liberal bias evident in media coverage.

Under Biden's administration, we have witnessed prominent figures in the liberal media acknowledging the lack of objectivity in their reporting. Former Washington Post editor Leonard Downie apologized, admitting that objectivity centered on whiteness, leading to journalistic injustice. Despite this acknowledgment, Republicans still find it difficult to receive fair coverage.

A snapshot of a newspaper headline comparing President Biden's approval rating to that of former President Trump, emphasizing Biden's expectations of media support. [Taken with Sony Alpha a7 III]

Reports frequently omit Republican counterpoints, and the narrative often portrays Biden as an afterthought compared to the consistent attacks on Trump. While liberal reporters may claim exhaustion from criticizing Trump, it is evident that their ardor against him unintentionally benefits Biden.

Biden's frustration stems from the fact that journalists don't idolize him like they did Barack Obama. Despite being promoted as a restorer of normalcy, competence, and civility, Biden has failed in these aspects. However, Obama enjoyed a different level of coverage, often hailed as the black JFK, FDR, and Abraham Lincoln, with a touch of divinity.

The press's objectivity was abandoned during the Obama years and replaced with emotional attacks on Trump. This emotional wrecking ball approach persisted throughout Trump's presidency. The revamping of media standards during the Obama era only became evident when applied in reverse against Trump.