published : 2023-09-29

None of the GOP Candidates Successfully 'Buried Bidenomics' in FOX Business Debate, Says Larry Kudlow

'Did they make the sale on the economy? I'm not entirely sure,' Kudlow said of the second GOP primary debate

A photo of Larry Kudlow, former Trump counselor, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

No candidate in the second GOP primary debate hosted by FOX Business successfully buried President Biden's economic platform, according to FBN host Larry Kudlow.

Kudlow, along with other analysts including FOX News host Laura Ingraham, remarked that a debate between Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley would exemplify major dichotomies within conservative Republican ranks.

In reference to the debate, Kudlow expressed disappointment that no candidate fully embraced Reagan's belief that government is the problem, not the solution.

Furthermore, Kudlow wanted to hear a call for higher economic growth and slashing taxes.

He stated that none of the candidates successfully deconstructed Biden's far-left economics, and he was uncertain if they effectively conveyed their message on the economy.

A photo of Ron DeSantis, Florida Gov., taken with a Nikon D850.

Kudlow emphasized the importance of adopting economic platforms reminiscent of Kennedy, Reagan, and Trump such as lowering marginal tax rates to stimulate economic growth.

Although Kudlow felt that there were good points made on the economy, he believed that Bidenomics was not effectively challenged during the debate.

Ingraham highlighted DeSantis and Haley as the strongest advocates for their respective brands of conservatism, with DeSantis being aligned with the populist strain of Trump.

She proposed a debate between DeSantis and Haley to express differences within the conservative Republican movement.

Taking the spotlight, Tim Scott criticized the 'Great Society' policies and the notion of America being a racist nation.

A photo of Nikki Haley, former South Carolina Gov., taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

Scott, who personally experienced poverty, argued that America has overcome obstacles such as slavery and discrimination woven into the laws.

He blamed the 'Great Society' for breaking up Black families and leading to unemployment and crime in minority communities.

Kudlow applauded Scott's remarks and agreed that the 'Great Society' had a negative impact on minority communities.

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