published : 2023-09-30

Why My Next Role in 'Reagan' is My Most Important

Discredited Marxist Ideology as a Warning

Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV: A photo of a standing ovation received by the actor, highlighting the joy and appreciation of the audience.

I’ve been an actor for over 40 years, living and working in Hollywood. The audience's applause is always a cherished moment, but one unexpected standing ovation stands out.

During a gathering with fellow filmmakers, I shared my experience of being born in the Soviet Union and the contrast I found in America. Astonishingly, revealing my love for America could also lead to trouble here.

That moment of applause made me realize the importance of sharing the truth about the Soviet regime and the dangers of Marxism creeping into American life.

When 'Reagan' came along, I knew I had to play the role of B.E. Kertchman, a Soviet citizen who defected to the United States. Through this character, I aim to warn about the insidious nature of Marxist ideology.

Back in the 1920s, prominent Western writers like Steinbeck, Shaw, and Wells were lured into glorifying the Soviet system after their controlled visits. They knew nothing of the horrors ordinary people faced under the regime.

Taken with Nikon D850: An image of the actor sharing his experience of being born in the Soviet Union and the contrast he found in America, capturing his emotional connection to his past.

My character, Kertchman, managed to escape the USSR and traveled across the U.S. enlightening Americans about the reality of life in his home country. Despite skepticism, a young preacher named Ben Cleaver listened and even had a 17-year-old named Ronald Reagan hear Kertchman speak.

Living under Stalin's rule, fear kept the Soviet population obedient. And even after his reign, fear was ingrained in the DNA of my compatriots. But as a teenager, I, like many others, stopped believing the lies and propaganda.

When I came to America 45 years ago, I thought I had arrived in paradise. The freedom to speak openly and the responsibility for my own happiness were transformative.

However, my cherished America is changing. Marxist ideology is seeping into various aspects of our lives. Traditional values are being overturned, and common sense is frowned upon by the intellectual elite.

Similar warnings were shared by ex-KGB officer Yuri Bezmenov and my character, Kertchman. They traveled across the United States, trying to educate about the dangers of communism and its infiltration into the West.

Taken with Sony Alpha A7R III: A picture of the actor on the movie set of 'Reagan' as B.E. Kertchman, showcasing his portrayal of a Soviet citizen who defected to the United States and the sense of urgency in his warning.

Today, we face young Americans who seem enamored with Marxist ideas. The phrase 'freedom is never more than one generation away from extinction' echoes the wisdom of those who lived in such systems.

We must not repeat the mistakes of the past. Our freedom is fragile, and it is our duty to protect it. We must learn from the mistakes of others and ensure that our country does not succumb to the grip of discredited ideologies.

So, fellow Americans, let us be vigilant in safeguarding our freedom and cherishing the values that make this country truly exceptional.