published : 2023-10-13

Tennessee Lawmaker Urges House GOP to Stay and Elect Speaker

Rep Steve Scalise Withdraws from Speaker Race After Winning GOP Nomination

A photo of Tennessee GOP Rep. Andy Ogles passionately delivering his speech urging House GOP members to stay and elect a new speaker, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

A Tennessee Republican lawmaker is pushing for his party to remain locked inside until a new House speaker is elected, even if it means sacrificing the weekend.

Rep. Andy Ogles of Tennessee is circulating a letter among his fellow House GOP lawmakers, urging them to continue their conference until a speaker is chosen.

The letter obtained by Fox News Digital emphasizes the need for good governance and the importance of not further damaging the party's credibility with the American people.

Ogles emphasizes that the GOP conference cannot afford to engage in a drawn-out competition on the floor, which would prolong the decision-making process.

An intense close-up shot of Rep. Steve Scalise during the GOP nomination process for the speaker race, captured with a Nikon D850.

He emphasizes the urgency to address critical issues such as the opioid crisis, the border crisis, spending, and the recent attack against Israel by terrorists.

Not wanting the caucus to be seen as lackadaisical, Ogles urges his colleagues to convene at the conference and select a new speaker, without adjourning until a consensus is reached.

Ogles' letter comes amid the ongoing deadlock in selecting a House speaker, following the historic removal of former Speaker Kevin McCarthy last week.

Although Rep. Steve Scalise of Louisiana was initially chosen as the GOP's nominee for speaker, he withdrew from the race after realizing he lacked the necessary support.

A group photo of House Republican lawmakers at the conference, discussing the urgency of selecting a new speaker to tackle critical issues, taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

With a narrow majority, Scalise was unable to afford losing more than four GOP members without Democratic support, a situation that became apparent soon after his nomination.

As House Republicans plan to gather on Friday morning, the search for a new speaker candidate continues.

This development leaves the lower chamber without a clear leader, heightening the stakes in the pursuit of a suitable replacement.