published : 2023-10-21

Supreme Court Keeps Missouri Law on Hold, Preserving Federal Gun Restrictions

Biden administration lawsuit fails as High Court rejects Missouri's Second Amendment Preservation Act

Supreme Court justices holding a hearing on Missouri law, taken with a Nikon D850

The U.S. Supreme Court delivered a significant blow to Missouri on Friday, refusing to reinstate a state law that aimed to prevent the enforcement of federal gun laws.

This Missouri law, known as the Second Amendment Preservation Act, was invalidated by a federal judge earlier this year, and the Biden administration took legal action against it in 2022.

While the state had sought the Supreme Court's intervention to revive the law, the justices turned down Missouri's request, siding with the federal judge's ruling.

The Biden administration argued against reviving the measure, contending that it violated the supremacy clause of the constitution, which ensures that federal law takes precedence over conflicting state laws.

President Joe Biden addressing the issue of federal gun laws, captured with a Canon EOS R5

According to Reuters, this refusal to reinstate the law will have implications for both U.S. firearms regulations and public safety, as Missouri authorities will no longer be able to flout federal gun laws.

Justice Clarence Thomas, however, expressed his dissent by indicating his support for reinstating the Missouri law.

The federal judge who invalidated the law, Brian Wimes, had ruled that it intruded upon the federal government's authority to regulate firearms, thus undermining the purpose of protecting citizens.

Despite this setback, Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey vowed to continue defending Second Amendment rights, undeterred by the Supreme Court's decision.

Attorney General Andrew Bailey defending Missouri's Second Amendment rights, photographed by a Sony A7III

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court, which had recently expanded gun rights in a separate case, is set to hear arguments relating to another gun law next month.

Overall, this development in the Missouri gun law case marks a notable victory for those advocating the preservation of federal firearms regulations.