published : 2023-11-14

San Francisco Erects Fencing and Barriers to Secure APEC Summit Amidst Tensions Between US and China

City accused of clearing homeless to impress Chinese President Xi Jinping

A photo of the black metal fenced barricades erected outside the Moscone Center in San Francisco, taken with a Nikon D850.

San Francisco has taken extensive measures to secure the upcoming APEC summit, where President Biden and Chinese President Xi Jinping are set to meet.

Black metal fenced barricades have been erected outside the Moscone Center, the venue for the summit, as leaders from the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation gather to discuss trade and economic growth across the Pacific region.

The decision to erect these barricades has faced criticism on social media, with some suggesting that San Francisco's homeless population was cleared out to accommodate Xi Jinping's visit.

An image showing the cleared out area where San Francisco's homeless population used to reside, captured with a Canon EOS R6.

California Governor Gavin Newsom's recent visit to Beijing, where he met with Xi Jinping, has fueled speculation that the barricades were intentionally placed to prevent protests or public proximity to the Chinese leader.

Reports indicate that San Francisco officials have intensified efforts to clear homeless encampments in the downtown area, focusing on the vicinity of the conference.

While some argue that the decision to erect barricades is hypocritical of the city's Democratic-run government, which opposed former President Trump's border wall, others view it as a necessary security measure.

A photograph of San Francisco's skyline with the Moscone Center in the foreground, showcasing the city's preparations for the APEC summit, taken with a Sony Alpha a7R IV.

As the APEC summit commences, homeless individuals in the security zone are being directed to nearby shelters, aiming to temporarily alleviate homelessness in the area during the events.

Despite varying opinions on the barricades, the focus remains on the meeting between Biden and Xi, where they are expected to discuss the U.S.-PRC bilateral relationship and regional and global issues, as well as finding areas of cooperation amidst competition.