published : 2023-10-19

Biden's Controversial Decision to Place Unconfirmed Labor Secretary in Presidential Line of Succession Draws GOP Criticism

Sen. Katie Britt and Republican Senators Express 'Grave Concerns' in a Letter to President Biden

A photo of President Joe Biden addressing the media during a press conference, captured with a Nikon D850.

Senate Republicans are expressing frustration with the Biden administration over its decision to add Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su — whose nomination to the role was never confirmed — to the presidential line of succession.

In a Tuesday letter to President Biden, Alabama GOP Sen. Katie Britt and 29 of her Republican Senate colleagues expressed 'grave concerns' and requested clarification from the administration.

The letter highlighted the fact that Su's nomination as Secretary of Labor has been declined by the Senate since March 14, 2023, and she lacks support from both Republican and Democratic members of the Senate.

Despite not being confirmed, the White House has chosen to keep her in place as Acting Secretary of Labor indefinitely, and she is listed as a member of the Cabinet 'in order of succession to the Presidency.'

An image of Alabama GOP Senator Katie Britt speaking at a Senate committee hearing, taken with a Canon EOS R6.

The decision to include Su in the presidential line of succession has raised questions about congressional intent and the violation of the law by the Biden administration.

The senators pointed out that the 25th Amendment grants Congress the power to set the presidential line of succession beyond the Vice President.

They urged President Biden to clarify his position on Su's eligibility for the presidential line of succession, emphasizing that someone who has not been duly elected or confirmed by the Senate should not assume the presidency.

The GOP senators criticized the Biden administration for ruling by unilateral decree and ignoring the will of the Senate.

A snapshot of Acting Secretary of Labor Julie Su at a White House event, photographed with a Sony Alpha A7 III.

Sen. Katie Britt stated that Su lacks support from members of her own party and reiterated the need for a nominee who can garner sufficient bipartisan support to be confirmed.

Su's nomination faced backlash from both Republicans and Democrats, and she has remained as the acting secretary of labor without receiving a full Senate vote.

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