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published : 2023-10-12

Georgia Bobcat Attacks 3-Year-Old and 14-Year-Old in Separate Incidents

Young children recovering after encounters with aggressive bobcat near Winterville, GA

A serene photo of the rural community near Winterville, GA, where the bobcat attacks took place, taken with a Nikon D850.

Two Georgia children are recovering from injuries after separate attacks by what officials called an 'aggressive bobcat'.

The attacks happened on Friday near Winterville, a mostly rural community just east of Athens, according to Oglethorpe County Fire & Rescue.

Crystal Yamasato, a 3-year-old girl, was playing outside around 6:30 p.m. when the bobcat suddenly appeared and pounced on her, biting and scratching her multiple times.

Her 13-year-old sister, Mae Scoggins, witnessed the attack and recounted the horrifying experience.

'It just came out of nowhere. It jumped on her. It bit her multiple times. It scratched her,' Scoggins told WANF-TV.

Crystal's mother rushed outside and unleashed the family dogs to fend off the bobcat.

An adorable picture of Crystal Yamasato, the brave 3-year-old girl who survived the bobcat attack, taken with a Canon EOS R.

'Her mother pulled her from under the car because it managed to drag her underneath the car,' Scoggins explained.

Meanwhile, another boy, approximately 14 years old, was also attacked by the same bobcat just before Crystal's ordeal.

Emergency medical services director Jason Lewis stated that medics were already responding to the first attack when they received a report of the second incident.

While it remains uncertain if the bobcat has rabies, both children are currently undergoing medical treatment as a precautionary measure.

Authorities consider Oglethorpe County a rural area where encounters with native Georgia wildlife are possible, but rare.

Lewis, with 27 years of experience, stated, 'In my career, I have never known a bobcat attack.'

A captivating image of a bobcat in the wild, symbolizing the encounter that shocked the peaceful community, taken with a Sony A7III.

According to the Humane Society of the United States, bobcats are primarily nocturnal animals, but occasional daytime sightings occur during hunting.

Simply spotting a bobcat during the day does not indicate it is rabid or aggressive, although the Humane Society warns that bobcats may become accustomed to people if they are being fed by them.

As Crystal Yamasato was discharged from the hospital on Monday, her injuries included a broken finger, scratches, and bites.

Both children will continue to receive medical care as if they were bitten by a rabid animal until the bobcat's rabies status is determined.

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