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published : 2023-10-14

Fat Bear Week: A Thrilling Celebration of Nature's Resilience and Survival

Meet the Majestic Winner of Fat Bear Week 2023

An awe-inspiring photo of Bear 128 'Grazer', the crowned champion of Fat Bear Week 2023, taken with a Nikon D850

In a landslide victory, Bear 128, known as 'Grazer,' has been crowned the champion of Fat Bear Week 2023.

Going head-to-head with Bear 32, fondly named 'Chunk,' Grazer received nearly five times as many votes and secured the prestigious title on October 10.

Held annually since 2014, Fat Bear Week is a beloved internet competition that celebrates nature's success in the face of adversity and highlights the critical role of storing fat for bear survival during the winter hibernation.

The National Park Service, the organization behind this popular event, emphasizes that for bears, fat is equivalent to survival as they rely solely on their reserves during their long slumber.

During the hibernation period, bears can lose up to a third of their body weight, underscoring the importance of accumulating enough fat to sustain themselves for months without eating or drinking.

Grazer, the queen of Fat Bear Week 2023, is heralded as a particularly defensive mother bear who has raised two litters of cubs.

Easily recognizable by her large size, straight muzzle, and striking blond ears, Grazer is often one of the fattest bears to be spotted at Brooks River in Alaska's Katmai National Park & Preserve.

A breathtaking shot capturing the defensive nature of Grazer, as she courageously confronts a larger bear, taken with a Canon 5D Mark IV

She has earned her reputation as an impressive angler, fearlessly hunting down fleeing salmon or patiently scavenging after the fish have spawned.

However, Grazer's defensive nature extends beyond protecting her cubs. Even when she was single this year, she maintained a high level of dominance, confronting and challenging bears much larger and stronger than her.

This astounding behavior not only ensured the safety of her cubs but also garnered numerous benefits, showcasing her power and influence in the bear community.

In contrast, Chunk, Grazer's formidable opponent in the final round, possesses his own remarkable attributes.

As a large adult male with a distinctive scar across his muzzle and a set of narrowly placed eyes, Chunk carries substantial fat reserves, particularly on his hindquarters.

But Chunk's journey to Fat Bear Week glory was not without obstacles. In previous years, he struggled to compete with other dominant males and secure prime fishing spots.

However, the summer of 2023 witnessed a transformation in Chunk's fortunes.

A mesmerizing image of Chunk, Grazer's formidable opponent, displaying his distinctive scar and powerful presence, taken with a Sony A7R III

Providing a testament to his size and confidence, even last year's Fat Bear Week winner conceded fishing opportunities and salmon to Chunk, recognizing his newfound prowess.

Chunk's notable achievements highlight his exceptional individuality and his ability to seize advantageous opportunities that many bears cannot.

Although Chunk's success primarily stems from his strength and size, it is his full range of behaviors and his distinctive appearance that make him an enigmatic and captivating contestant.

As the curtains close on another enthralling Fat Bear Week, we celebrate the resilience and magnificence of these awe-inspiring creatures.

Their ability to accumulate fat and endure harsh conditions during their winter hibernation showcases the remarkable splendor of nature and reminds us of the importance of preserving their habitat.

We eagerly anticipate the next edition of Fat Bear Week, where new champions will emerge, capturing our hearts and reinforcing the significance of protecting these majestic animals.