published : 2023-11-26

Woman on Meth Attempts to Open Emergency Exit Door on Korean Air Flight

Flight Crew Successfully Restrain Woman during New York to South Korea Flight

A photo of a Korean Air flight attendant demonstrating emergency exit procedures.

A bizarre incident unfolded on a Korean Air flight from New York to South Korea when a woman under the influence of methamphetamine attempted to open an emergency exit door mid-flight.

A close-up shot of a drug testing kit used to detect methamphetamine.

According to police at Incheon International Airport, the woman began showing signs of anxiety nearly 10 hours into the overseas flight before her shocking action took place.

An aerial view of Incheon International Airport, the destination of the Korean Air flight.

Quick-thinking crew members on the plane managed to restrain the woman, preventing a potential disaster at high altitudes.

A woman with a nervous expression sitting in an airplane seat.

Law enforcement authorities arrested the unruly passenger upon arrival in South Korea.

A group of police officers escorting an unruly passenger off the plane upon arrival.

Upon further investigation, a drug screening revealed that the woman tested positive for methamphetamine, shedding light on her erratic behavior.

A sign displaying the severe penalties for attempting to open emergency exits during flights.

It is important to note that the woman does not have a history of mental illness and had recently spent six months in New York before traveling to South Korea.

A close-up of a Korean Air aircraft parked on the tarmac at Incheon International Airport.

South Korean regulations deem attempts to open emergency exits during flights as a serious offense, carrying severe penalties including up to 10 years in prison.

A woman being interviewed by law enforcement officials after the incident.

In addition to the legal consequences, individuals who engage in such actions may also face hefty fines.

A screenshot from a Korean Air press release, highlighting their commitment to passenger safety.

Korean Air, the airline involved in this incident, declined to provide immediate comment when contacted by media sources.