published : 2023-11-07

Pro Cyclist's Dramatic Exit from Court after Testifying in Murder Trial

Colin Strickland's Aggressive Departure from Austin Courtroom Raises Eyebrows

Pro cyclist Colin Strickland testifying in the Kaitlin Armstrong trial, taken with a Canon EOS R5

In a stunning turn of events at the Kaitlin Armstrong trial, pro cyclist Colin Strickland made a dramatic exit from the Austin courtroom after his second day of testimony.

The renowned cyclist, whose former girlfriend is accused of murdering a fellow rider, was caught on camera shoving a news cameraman's equipment off his shoulder as he left the courthouse.

The incident occurred on Monday, amid a high-profile trial that has captivated the nation.

Colin Strickland, 36, had been called in to testify about his relationship with the murder suspect, 37-year-old Kaitlin Armstrong, as well as the events leading up to the tragic murder of Anna Moriah 'Mo' Wilson.

According to witnesses, Strickland displayed signs of frustration and agitation throughout his testimony, culminating in the aggressive encounter with the news cameraman.

Colin Strickland exiting the Austin courtroom after his second day of testimony, captured with a Nikon Z7

The footage shows Strickland forcefully pushing the camera aside, causing it to crash to the ground.

He then allegedly stepped on the cameraman's foot, further escalating the situation.

The incident has raised questions about Strickland's behavior and his connection to the case.

Strickland and Armstrong had a tumultuous on-and-off relationship, which began in late 2019.

During his testimony, Strickland revealed that he had broken up with Armstrong multiple times, citing their lack of common interests and other issues.

A news cameraman at the scene of the Kaitlin Armstrong trial, ready to capture the dramatic events, photographed with a Sony A7III

He also expressed his displeasure with Armstrong's attempts to compete in his races and her choice of inexpensive clothing.

The tension between the two seemed to intensify when Armstrong began wearing outfits identical to those provided by Strickland's sponsors.

These revelations shed light on the strained dynamics within their relationship and provide a possible motive for the alleged murder.

As the trial proceeds, the public eagerly awaits further testimonies and evidence that may unravel the mystery surrounding Mo Wilson's tragic death.

In the meantime, Strickland's dramatic exit from the courtroom has become a focal point of discussion, drawing attention to the emotional turmoil surrounding this high-profile case.