published : 2023-11-28

California Police Hunt for Suspect Behind Antisemitic Graffiti Spree

Klinton Dion, 32, allegedly spray-painted swastikas and Nazi symbols on multiple locations in Burbank

A photo featuring the exterior of Temple Emanu El in Burbank, California, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

California police are on the hunt for a man who has been spreading hate through a series of antisemitic acts.

Klinton Dion, 32, is accused of spray-painting swastikas, an iron cross, and the 'SS' Nazi symbol on a synagogue, an apartment complex, and a city utility box in Burbank, California.

The horrifying incident took place on Friday, sending shockwaves through the community.

Law enforcement is treating this as a hate crime, recognizing the gravity of the situation.

A close-up shot of the graffiti on an apartment complex garage door in Burbank, captured with a Nikon D850.

Dion, who leads a transient lifestyle between Burbank, Pasadena, Temple City, El Segundo, and Los Angeles, has become a subject of intense police search and public concern.

The suspect is described as having a faint tattoo above his left eyebrow, a notable feature that could aid in his identification.

While the motive behind the heinous acts remains unclear, the impact on the community is profound.

Authorities are urging anyone with information on Dion's whereabouts to come forward and assist in the investigation.

An image showcasing the intricate details of a city utility box in Burbank, photographed using a Sony Alpha a7 III.

This incident highlights the ongoing issue of rising antisemitism, echoing the tensions from the ongoing conflict in the Middle East between Israeli forces and Hamas terrorists.

It is a stark reminder of the hateful ideologies that unfortunately still persist in our society today.

As the search intensifies, it is crucial for communities to come together, condemn such acts of bigotry, and stand united against hate.