published : 2023-09-05

University of Wisconsin Student Severely Beaten, Police Launch Investigation

Increased Police Presence in Madison Following Violent Attack

A concerned student holding a sign that reads 'Stop Violence' in support of the University of Wisconsin community. (Photo taken with Nikon D750)

In a shocking incident that unfolded in the early hours of Sunday morning, a female student from the University of Wisconsin-Madison was brutally attacked, leaving her with life-threatening injuries.

The Madison Police Department responded swiftly to the scene on W. Wilson St. around 3:20 a.m, where they discovered the victim in critical condition. She was immediately rushed to the hospital, where she remains under intensive care.

Investigators revealed that the assault appears to be random, leaving the community on high alert and prompting a significant increase in police patrols across the area.

The Madison Police Department issued a statement expressing their concern for the victim and assuring her friends and family that they are being provided with the necessary support and resources during this harrowing ordeal.

Police officers patrolling the streets of Madison, ensuring the safety of residents following the violent attack. (Photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

A close friend of the victim, speaking to WISN-12, shared the extent of the horrifying attack, describing how she was strangled, beaten, and sexually assaulted.

The university promptly addressed the incident by sending out an email to the school community, alerting them to the ongoing investigation and confirming that the suspect remains at large.

Urging residents to prioritize their safety, detectives have requested any individuals residing in the vicinity of the attack to submit any relevant security footage that could aid in identifying the assailant.

The Wisconsin Assembly Republicans have also made headlines recently with a proposed $3 billion tax cut aimed at benefiting the middle class. However, this incident has shifted the focus to the urgent need for enhanced security measures.

A group of community members gathering for a candlelight vigil to show solidarity with the victim and demand justice. (Photo taken with Sony Alpha A7III)

As the investigation continues, the university is calling upon the community members to remain vigilant and report any information pertaining to the attack to Crime Stoppers at 608-266-6014.

Amidst the shock and concern gripping the region, it is crucial that the victim's well-being remains at the forefront of everyone's thoughts. Our collective determination to bring justice to those responsible is what will ensure the safety and security of the community going forward.