published : 2023-10-26

Mass Shooting Leaves Community in Shock: Manhunt for Suspect Continues

Schemengees Bar & Grill devastated as Robert Card remains at large

Lewiston, Maine community members showing their support for the victims at a candlelight vigil. [Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV]

A small community in Lewiston, Maine is reeling from the devastating aftermath of a mass shooting that took place at Schemengees Bar & Grill and a nearby bowling alley.

The tragedy unfolded as patrons of the popular bar and restaurant were enjoying an industry night, with special discounts to honor their hard work in the service industry.

In a chilling turn of events, a man identified as Robert Card opened fire, leaving 18 innocent people dead and causing widespread panic and confusion.

Schemengees Bar & Grill, deeply shaken by the senseless violence, took to social media to express their heartbreak and disbelief.

In a heartfelt Facebook post, they wrote, 'My heart is crushed. I am at a loss for words. In a split second your world gets turned upside down for no good reason.'

The post continued, 'We lost great people in this community. How can we make any sense of this? Sending out prayers to everyone.'

Investigators combing through evidence at Schemengees Bar & Grill to gather clues about the mass shooting. [Taken with Nikon D850]

As the community mourns and offers their support, law enforcement agencies have launched a massive manhunt for Robert Card, who is now a person of interest in the case.

Described as armed and dangerous, Card remains at large, leaving the community on edge and authorities on high-alert.

The FBI, along with local law enforcement, has mobilized SWAT teams and deployed additional agents to assist in the search.

It has been revealed that Card is a firearms instructor with military experience, adding to the urgency of the manhunt.

Authorities are concerned that Card may be monitoring their movements by listening to a police scanner, heightening the tension and challenges faced in apprehending him.

Card is believed to be a member of the Army Reserve stationed in Saco, Maine, further intensifying efforts to locate him.

A community leader addressing the media, calling for justice and unity after the tragic incident. [Taken with Sony Alpha a7 III]

The Lewiston Maine Police Department has issued a public warning, urging anyone with information about Card's whereabouts to contact law enforcement immediately.

Meanwhile, neighboring towns and cities have also been advised to exercise caution, as the search expands to include a wider area.

A community that was once filled with laughter, friendship, and a sense of security is now united in grief and uncertainty.

The shocking events have left residents questioning how such a tragedy could occur in their midst, while also demonstrating the strength and resilience of a tight-knit community coming together in times of crisis.

As the manhunt intensifies and the search for Robert Card continues, the nation's attention turns to this small town in Maine, hoping for swift justice and closure for the victims and their loved ones.