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published : 2023-09-29

Mayor Harassed After 911 Call on 'Far Right' Voter Push Blasted by Organizer: 'Should be Common Sense'

After Yakima Mayor Calls Police on 'Far Right' Signature Gatherers, Businessman Behind the Initiatives Responds

A photo of Yakima Mayor Janice Deccio making the 911 call, captured with a Nikon D850.

A mayor in Washington is under fire after calling 911 to report a group of 'far right-wing' signature gatherers at a Walmart.

The businessman behind several Washington state initiatives, Brian Heywood, founder of the political action committee Let's Go Washington, has expressed his willingness to have a conversation with the mayor regarding her actions.

Heywood believes that his initiatives, focused on public safety, lower taxes, and parental involvement, should be considered common sense rather than labeled as 'far right'.

Let's Go Washington aims to promote nonpartisan initiatives and is perplexed by the mayor's description of the signature gatherers as 'far right'.

Yakima Mayor Janice Deccio called 911 to report the presence of the petitioners at Walmart, stating that they refused to leave despite Walmart's requests.

The police explained to the mayor that under state law, the petitioners have the right to gather signatures on private property.

Let's Go Washington, founded by Heywood, is working on six initiatives that aim to appeal to all voters, including repealing Washington's new cap and trade program, which has led to high gas prices in the state.

An image of Brian Heywood, founder of Let's Go Washington, discussing the nonpartisan initiatives, taken with a Canon EOS R.

Heywood believes that the carbon tax is deeply unpopular, leading to public anger over the surge in gas prices.

The group has until December 29 to collect signatures for each initiative, and if successful, they would go to the legislature for consideration.

Deccio has faced backlash, receiving numerous harassing texts, emails, and voicemails after the release of the 911 call.

Heywood condemns any threats or offensive remarks towards the mayor but believes that her labeling of the petitioners as 'far right' shows bias.

During a city council meeting, Council member Patricia Byers moved to censure Deccio for her behavior, considering it inappropriate and an abuse of emergency services.

However, the motion failed, with Deccio herself voting in her own favor.

Community members expressed their concerns about Deccio's use of the term 'extreme right wing', questioning its meaning and suggesting it was an attempt to criminalize conservative views.

A picture of a group of signature gatherers at Walmart, representing the diversity of views and opinions, photographed with a Sony Alpha A7 III.

The incident in Yakima, a city with a relatively conservative population within a Democratic stronghold state, has stirred different reactions among the community.

While some appreciate Deccio's actions, others believe her call may have inadvertently boosted support for the initiatives.

Claims of aggressive petitioners have been made, but no evidence has been presented to support these claims.

Let's Go Washington has emphasized their zero tolerance policy for any intimidating or threatening behavior from their signature gatherers.

Individuals have raised concerns about their First Amendment rights to petition and address the excessive power of politicians.

Walmart declined to comment on the incident, and the Yakima Police Department stated that they will not remove petitioners from business property without a court order.