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published : 2023-10-12

Jewish Students Devastated by Anti-Israel Sentiment Across the U.S.

Boston-area Jewish students express disappointment over universities' response to Israel war

Jewish student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology sharing his experience of anti-Israel sentiment.

Jewish students in the Boston area are deeply affected by the widespread anti-Israel sentiment that has been cropping up across the country.

Zev, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology student who has previously lived in Israel, shares that he is not scared of the environment in Massachusetts, but he and his peers are aware of the animosity and pure hate that exists.

Around 200 students and community members from Boston-area colleges recently gathered at MIT for a vigil supporting Israel. They united in lighting candles, singing, and sharing stories.

Another student from Israel, who is currently studying in the U.S., expresses feeling safe but disheartened by the rhetoric coming from university students and pro-Palestine demonstrators.

Group photo of the vigil supporting Israel at MIT, capturing the unity of Boston-area students and community members.

Yossi emphasizes that many who claim to support Palestine are actually supporting terrorists, and he believes this is not about freedom of speech but rather the freedom of hate.

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas has resulted in more than 2,000 deaths, as Hamas launched a surprise attack, firing countless rockets into residential areas from the Gaza Strip.

During the MIT vigil, attendees also criticized Harvard University's response to a letter written by students blaming Israel for the recent terror attacks. Some student organizations withdrew their support from the letter after initially signing it.

Harvard President Claudine Gay released a statement distancing the university from the student groups' declaration, emphasizing that students do not speak for the entire institution.

Harvard University campus with a peaceful atmosphere, despite recent controversies over student organizations' statements.

Anti-Israel demonstrators clashed with counter-protesters in Cambridge, with the former hurling insults, including slurs. Police had to intervene at times to maintain order.

Boston-area students emphasize their shock and disappointment at the initial messages and social media posts in support of Hamas, hoping for condemning statements or at least silence from the pro-Palestinian side.

They stress that this is a terrible event that demands acknowledgment without any justifications. They reject the notion of moral equivalence, asserting that this is not decolonization but rather terrorism and mass murder.