published : 2023-11-08

Black Conservative Student Testifies on Harassment at Iowa Campus, Revealing Leftist Threats

Jasmyn Jordan, Chairwoman of Iowa Young Americans for Freedom, Speaks Out on Freedom of Speech

Jasmyn Jordan testifying before the House Judiciary Committee, capturing her passionate plea for freedom of speech on college campuses. (Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

University of Iowa student Jasmyn Jordan bravely testified before the House Judiciary Committee, shedding light on the harassment she has endured as a Black conservative on campus.

Addressing the issue of freedom of speech on college campuses, Jordan exposed how college administrators have been 'coddling' and 'empowering' threats from leftist demonstrators.

During her emotionally charged testimony, Jordan recounted a disturbing incident in which she was falsely labelled a Nazi, a token, a white supremacist, and a bigot in a group chat with over 800 students. Students even expressed fear that she might commit a hate crime against them simply because she holds conservative principles.

She passionately expressed her disappointment, stating that the playing field for freedom of speech on college campuses is far from equal between those on different sides of the political spectrum.

Anti-Israel demonstrators disrupting the hearing as Jasmyn Jordan discusses the rise of antisemitic incidents at major American universities. (Taken with Nikon D850)

Jordan highlighted an event where the conservative group Iowa Young Americans for Freedom hosted Kellyanne Conway as a speaker. In response, she was subjected to doxxing and targeted with false accusations. This incident became a turning point, revealing the unequal treatment conservatives face.

The hearing also touched upon the rise of antisemitic incidents at major American universities amid the Israel-Hamas war. Anti-Israel demonstrators disrupted the hearing and made accusations against the Jewish state, leading Rep. Darell Issa to call for investigations into the funding of such unrest.

As a passionate advocate for American principles, Jordan spoke about her efforts to organize events featuring Lt. Colonel Alan West and columnist Matt Walsh. However, she faced numerous obstacles, including online promotion being altered against school policy and a protester displaying a violent sign during one of the events.

Jordan bemoaned the double standard she observed, explaining that conservatives are often slandered as harmful, while leftists take extreme measures to silence conservative voices. Death threats and verbal harassment were directed at Jordan and her fellow members of Iowa Young Americans for Freedom.

Lt. Colonel Alan West delivering a powerful speech on debunking diversity, lending support to Jasmyn Jordan's cause at the University of Iowa. (Taken with Sony Alpha A7 III)

She highlighted instances where students and faculty at the University of Iowa went to great lengths to cancel events featuring conservative speakers, even erasing event promotion done with chalk. Jordan expressed her fear and frustration that conservatives have to hide their beliefs to maintain relationships, avoid lower grades, and escape constant harassment and intimidation.

Jordan had entered college with the expectation of a diverse exchange of ideas, but her experience has been far from that. She urged for accountability and a change in the university administration's approach to the mistreatment of conservative students.