published : 2023-11-06

Global Crisis: A Call for Leadership

Reagan 2.0: A Vision for a Better Future

A photo of a peaceful protest against human rights abuses, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

Twenty years ago, the world believed that concentration camps, genocide, and ethnic cleansing belonged to the past. Such atrocities were seen as unimaginable in civilized societies. But today, evil has been unleashed upon the world by dictators who intentionally target innocent civilians, including their own people.

The Russian army's violence against Ukrainian civilians, the Chinese government's mistreatment of their Muslim Uighur citizens, and the Hamas terrorists' attacks on Israeli babies, children, and grandmothers are stark reminders of the horrors we now face.

This global crisis has eroded our belief in ourselves and the rightness of our purpose. Three out of four Americans believe that our country is on the wrong track, losing confidence in the government, legacy media, and our institutions. Moreover, a distressing number of Americans, especially among the younger generation, have developed a deep-seated hatred for America or believe in nothing at all.

If we are to regain our senses and overcome this crisis, we need great leaders who possess moral clarity and vision. We need leaders who can inspire us, articulate a compelling vision for the future, and unite us to achieve it.

President Ronald Reagan exemplified such leadership when he took over a country on the wrong track, replacing President Jimmy Carter. Reagan's presidency saw a transformative period that left a lasting impact.

Currently, however, we find ourselves led by some of the worst leaders in our history. Career politicians who thrive on identity politics, dividing us into opposing camps, and exploiting grievances to secure their own power. They offer empty promises, freebies, and false narratives, making us fear the 'other' – whether it be white supremacists, terrorists, communists, or zealots on either end of the political spectrum.

What we need now is not pandering or fear-mongering, but leaders who can truly inspire us. We need moral clarity and a renewed sense of our national purpose. We long for a leader like Reagan, who can redirect our country toward prosperity and unity.

A close-up portrait of Ronald Reagan, taken with a Nikon D850

In the late 1970s, America faced a double threat – economic stagnation and the Soviet Union's expansion. President Carter lacked a plan to address these challenges, despite some being of his own making.

Reagan, on the other hand, had a clear vision of the evils and immorality of communism. He repeatedly communicated this vision to the American people and the world. He refused to settle for a forever Cold War and instead developed a comprehensive plan to defeat the Soviet Union without resorting to violence. Reagan leveraged America's strengths – our economy, technology, and political system – to play the long game and ultimately bring about lasting peace.

Reagan's election in 1980 was a turning point. He revitalized the American economy, ushering in an era of prosperity that lasted for decades. His leadership and determination to stand against communism showed us how to be proud of America once again.

Oh, how we yearn for a leader like Reagan today. Instead, we find ourselves with a President who appears clueless, ineffectual, and dangerous.

So, what would Reagan 2.0 do in this critical juncture?

First and foremost, he would prioritize cutting taxes and reducing red tape, allowing businesses to innovate, create jobs, and boost the economy. Securing our supply chain for essential products would also be paramount for our health and welfare.

Reagan 2.0 would focus on returning the United States to energy independence through American oil and natural gas. Energy dominance would not only benefit our country but also weaken Russia and Iran by destabilizing their economies. Bankrupt nations are less likely to engage in conflict.

A powerful image of a sunrise symbolizing hope and a new beginning, taken with a Sony Alpha A7R IV

Another pressing issue is the unchecked flow of individuals across our borders. The influx of millions of young, military-age men threatens to change American society. Further immigration without careful consideration may create a ticking time bomb.

Ensuring the strength of our military is crucial, but it must be done in a way that enhances our security and deterrent capabilities, not just the profits of the defense industry and Wall Street. China's ambitions to replace the US as the world's technology superpower require us to double down on research and development. We must invent and manufacture cutting-edge technology here and protect our intellectual property.

It is imperative that our leaders help us stand for something. Evil cannot be ignored or appeased – it must be defeated. We need leaders who can rally us around our principles and restore our national purpose.

During the bloodiest years of the Civil War, President Abraham Lincoln understood that it was up to us to 'nobly save, or meanly lose, the last best hope of earth.'

And so, we find ourselves at a critical juncture once again. The American people have always risen to the task throughout history, and we are capable of doing so now. But we require strong leaders to guide us on this path.

Let us hope for a leader who can ignite the same spark of inspiration that Reagan did. A leader who can truly lead us out of this global crisis, reshape our nation, and restore our faith in the greatness of America.