published : 2023-09-23

Robert F Kennedy Jr criticizes Biden's border policy, calls it unsustainable

'The Biden administration's refusal to secure our southern border has created impossible burdens for municipalities across the country,' Kennedy Jr. stated

An image of Robert F. Kennedy Jr., the Democratic Presidential candidate challenging President Biden, advocating for unscripted meetings and interactions with voters. (Taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr, a Democratic Presidential candidate challenging President Biden for the 2024 nomination, has strongly criticized President Biden's immigration policies in a recent op-ed.

In his article published in Newsweek, Kennedy called these policies a disaster and accused the Biden administration of refusing to secure the southern border.

According to Kennedy, this has led to endless floods of migrants pouring into the country and has placed impossible burdens on American cities.

In particular, he highlighted New York City, where Mayor Eric Adams has expressed concerns over the unsustainability of the current situation, estimating that it could cost the city $12 billion by 2025.

A photo of New York City Mayor Eric Adams expressing concerns over the unsustainability of the current migrant influx. (Taken with a Nikon D850)

To address this financial impact, Adams has directed city agencies to cut 5 percent from spending by November.

Kennedy also pointed out that other cities, like Chicago, are facing severe budget shortfalls due to the migrant crisis.

He criticized the concept of sanctuary cities, stating that no city can manage an open border with endless floods of migrants.

Kennedy emphasized that no country can sustain nearly two million migrants a year, questioning the feasibility of the current immigration policies.

A striking aerial shot of the southern border, depicting the challenges faced by American cities with the continuous flow of migrants. (Taken with a DJI Phantom 4 Pro)

He shared his belief that President Biden's loose border policy is creating a humanitarian crisis of unimaginable proportions and encroaching civil disorder into the interior of the country.

Kennedy concluded his op-ed by urging Americans of all political persuasions to face the facts and recognize the failure of current policies.

He called for a different approach to address the intolerable strain on American cities that have already faced unprecedented challenges in recent years.

The White House has not responded to Kennedy's comments at the time of writing.