published : 2023-10-13

Kaiser Permanente and Unions Reach Tentative Agreement After Health Care Workers' Strike

75,000 Kaiser Permanente health care workers go on strike demanding increased staffing levels

A photo of striking health care workers holding signs in front of the Kaiser Permanente Los Angeles Medical Center, illustrating the scale of the strike and the determination of the workers. (Taken with Nikon D850)

The coalition of unions representing Kaiser Permanente health care workers announced Friday morning that it reached a tentative agreement with the company.

After a three-day strike last week, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions has been engaged in negotiations with the company.

In a Facebook post, the coalition expressed excitement about reaching a tentative agreement as of Friday morning.

With more than 75,000 Kaiser Permanente health care workers on strike across the United States, this is being called the largest health care workers' strike in US history.

A close-up shot of union leaders engaged in negotiations with company representatives, capturing the intensity and focus of the discussions. (Taken with Canon EOS R)

The unions have been advocating for increased staffing levels at Kaiser Permanente hospitals, arguing that the current shortage of workers poses safety risks to patients.

They claim that patients are experiencing dangerously long wait times, mistaken diagnoses, and neglect due to staffing shortages.

Additionally, the unions accuse the hospital conglomerate of maintaining unfair labor practices.

Amidst this strike, the Coalition of Kaiser Permanente Unions acknowledged the instrumental support of Acting US Labor Secretary Julie Su.

An image of Acting US Labor Secretary Julie Su addressing the health care workers during the strike, showcasing the support and involvement of government officials. (Taken with Sony A7 III)

Kaiser Permanente has responded to the strike by highlighting the nationwide shortage of health care workers but asserts that it has hired over 50,000 frontline workers in the last two years.

The union alliance and the company previously agreed to hire 10,000 new people for coalition-represented jobs, a goal expected to be reached by the end of this month.

The full terms of the tentative agreement have not yet been disclosed.

As this is an ongoing story, further updates will be provided.