Image of the Army-Navy game at Gillette Stadium, capturing the intense competition and camaraderie between the players, taken with a Nikon D850.

Army-Navy game


Army-Navy Game: Honoring the Values That Unite Us as One Nation

A black and white image of Francis Gary Powers, the pilot of the downed U-2 plane, taken with a Leica M10 camera.

Lockheed U-2


This high-flying aircraft discovered China’s spy balloon. Now Biden’s Pentagon wants to kill it

Aerial view of the USS Carney in action, taken with a Nikon D850 camera

U.S. Navy warship


US Navy Warship Shoots Down Iranian-made Houthi Drone in Yemen

A serene image of a 5-year-old girl playing on a beautiful sandy beach, taken with a Nikon D850 camera.

5-year-old girl


Tragic Incident: 5-Year-Old Girl Dies After Being Swept Out to Sea with Grandfather in California

A photo of a soldier receiving the COVID-19 vaccine at Fort Knox, Kentucky. (Taken with a Nikon D850)

COVID-19 vaccine refusal


Senator Presses Army on Backpay and Religious Freedoms for Soldiers Discharged for COVID Vaccine Refusal

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