A person dictating text using their voice, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

writing with your voice


Talk techy to me: Get your work done faster with this pro tip

A joyful family gathering around a Thanksgiving dinner table, capturing the warmth and love shared in the festive atmosphere. (Taken with Nikon D850)



Thanksgiving Alert: Cybercriminals Exploit Clickjacking Threat in Popular Browsers

An image of a person using artificial intelligence technology to generate deepfake videos, highlighting the potential risks of manipulating human behavior. (Taken with a Nikon D850)

AI apocalypse team


AI Apocalypse Team Formed to Safeguard Future of Artificial Intelligence

A person setting up a Wi-Fi network in their new home, taken with a Canon EOS Rebel T7i.

Wi-Fi check


Do this important Wi-Fi check at least twice a year

Take a moment to imagine yourself sitting at your laptop, completely engrossed in your online activities. As you type away, your browser acting as your faithful companion, captured with a high-resolution shot taken with the Canon EOS R5.



Is Your Browser Slowing You Down? Here's How to Fix It

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