published : 2023-11-09

US Airlines Boost Winter Schedules to Meet Surge in Demand

27M Seats Are Scheduled to Depart US Airports over Thanksgiving Week

A stunning aerial shot of the bustling Miami International Airport, taken with a high-resolution Nikon D850.

As the holiday season approaches, airlines are gearing up to meet the surge in demand by boosting the number of flights this winter. United Airlines, one of the leading carriers, announced a significant expansion of its Florida schedule, adding flights to popular destinations such as Miami, Tampa, and Orlando. They are also increasing the use of larger aircraft, which means nearly double the number of seats available from key United hub airports to Key West International Airport.

The winter travel demand has been record-breaking, according to United Airlines' managing director of domestic network planning, Mark Weithofer. This trend is not unique to United Airlines alone, as American Airlines is also growing its capacity to meet the demand for its most popular destinations, including Florida and international markets in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America. On a peak day during the December holiday period, American Airlines plans to operate 500 departures to Florida and over 350 departures to destinations in Mexico, the Caribbean, and Latin America.

A group of happy vacationers enjoying the sun-kissed beaches of Tampa, captured with a professional-grade Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Delta Air Lines has also been proactive in increasing its winter schedule. In August, they added an impressive 35,000 seats to their Latin American and Caribbean routes. Additionally, they expanded their flight schedule to China, offering 10 weekly flights to Shanghai-Pudong International Airport from their hubs in Seattle and Detroit. Delta also announced that they would resume nonstop service to Curaçao starting December 16th.

Southwest Airlines, known for its flexibility, is also joining the ranks of airlines increasing flights to meet the growing demand. When they observe an uptick in demand, Southwest typically adds extra flights to ensure travelers can reach their destinations conveniently.