published : 2023-11-11

Maryland UPS Driver Carjacked at Gunpoint in Broad Daylight

Doorbell Video Captures Shocking Armed Carjacking

A UPS driver wearing a bright yellow uniform, captured in a photo taken with a Nikon D850.

A UPS driver was out delivering packages when she was surrounded by several suspects who wound up taking her truck in broad daylight.

Prince George’s County police responded to the housing development in Glenarden around 2 p.m. on Thursday, after the frantic UPS driver made a call to 911 following the harrowing incident.

"They just pulled a gun out on me," the UPS driver is heard saying in doorbell video footage.

In the footage, the group of thieves is seen surrounding the driver before taking off in the large brown truck.

The incident took place in a Maryland neighborhood, leaving residents and eyewitnesses shocked.

A doorbell camera footage showing the moment the UPS driver is surrounded by the thieves, taken with a Canon EOS R.

The video, captured by a doorbell camera, shows the female UPS driver being carjacked at gunpoint.

"It’s very brazen, in the middle of the day. Most of the homes have cameras, so to do that right in front of everybody’s house who has front view cameras, it’s a little unnerving," a neighbor shared.

As the video spread, viewers were astonished by the audacity of the carjacking, which unfolded in plain sight.

The victim's immediate reaction was to call 911, alerting the authorities to the crime.

Fortunately, the UPS driver was not physically harmed during the carjacking.

Residents of the Maryland neighborhood, gathered together as a community, determined to increase safety measures, taken with a Sony A7III.

Although the thieves managed to flee in the stolen UPS truck, they unknowingly left behind vital evidence for the police to investigate.

Residents in the neighborhood, shaken by the incident, hope for increased safety measures to prevent such brazen acts in the future.

While the stolen UPS truck was eventually recovered abandoned, the suspects remain at large.

Police are actively investigating the incident and are determined to apprehend those responsible for this shocking crime.