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published : 2023-09-23

Expert Says 'Miracles' Needed in Real Estate to Reverse Trends

US Mortgage Rates Will Create 'Dire' Situation for Real Estate Market, Expert Warns

A middle-income family standing in front of a 'Sold' sign, celebrating their new affordable home. (Taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV)

The housing market continues to leave homebuyers struggling to find affordable options as mortgage rates surge and inventory remains scarce.

The Rogers Healy Companies CEO Rogers Healy highlighted the changes facing buyers trying to combat the new real estate terrain.

He expressed his concern that the situation may not change and emphasized the need for some kind of miracles in the world of real estate.

Healy believes that real estate plays a vital role in driving the economy and hopes that solutions will emerge, particularly related to interest rates.

Across the nation, many middle-income earners are being priced out of the American dream due to rising home costs and mortgage rates.

A close-up shot of a person holding a stack of house keys, symbolizing the struggles of homebuyers in the current real estate market. (Taken with a Nikon Z7)

Those who do buy are often settling for more costly options, making many house-poor and struggling to make ends meet.

Dolly Lenz Real Estate CEO Dolly Lenz and Managing Director Jenny Lenz discussed the impact of rising mortgage rates on the real estate market.

Healy challenged the traditional perspective of homeownership, stating that people now view real estate more as an investment than an emotionally driven purchase.

He encouraged buyers to consider short-term investment strategies and refinance options to cope with the changing market dynamics.

High mortgage rates, coupled with a nationwide housing supply crunch, are putting pressure on the housing market.

A group of millennials gathered around a table, discussing real estate investment strategies in the face of rising mortgage rates. (Taken with a Sony A7 III)

Sales of previously owned homes have declined, and new home construction sentiment has dropped.

As millennials become a dominant force in the market, the demand for real estate is expected to grow, exacerbating the supply shortage.

The shrinking average size of new housing and rising rental costs further contribute to the challenges faced by homebuyers.

Healy stressed that the scarcity of land makes it difficult to meet the growing demand for larger spaces.

Despite these challenges, he dismissed the possibility of a real estate crash in the near future.