published : 2023-09-05

President’s ‘Bidenomics’ Messaging May Not Have the Effect on Americans He Thinks It Does, New Poll Finds

59% of Voters Disapprove of President Biden’s Handling of the Economy, New Poll Finds

President Biden delivering a speech in Philadelphia on Labor Day, promoting his 'Bidenomics'. (taken with Nikon D850)

A new poll released on Labor Day reveals that President Biden's messaging on 'Bidenomics' may not be having the desired impact on Americans.

The poll, conducted by Wall Street Journal, surveyed 1,500 registered voters from August 24 to 30, and the results are concerning for the Biden administration.

Only 37% of respondents approve of President Biden's handling of the economy, while a significant 59% disapprove.

Furthermore, when it comes to inflation and rising costs, just 34% of respondents approve of Biden's approach, while a majority of 63% disapprove.

On the issue of job creation, voters are split, with 47% approving of Biden's leadership and another 47% disapproving.

These poll results come on the same day that Biden delivered a speech in Philadelphia, promoting his 'Bidenomics' and the supposed success of his economic policies.

A group of voters expressing their doubts about President Biden's ability to serve another term due to his age. (taken with Canon EOS R5)

However, the poll contradicts Biden's claims, showing that 58% of respondents believe the economy has worsened in the past two years, with only 28% saying it has improved.

Additionally, the poll indicates that 51% of voters believe former President Trump had a record of accomplishments, while only 40% think the same of Biden.

Voters also express doubts about Biden's ability to serve another term, as 46% believe Trump is mentally up for it, compared to 36% for Biden.

Remarkably, despite being just three years apart in age, 73% of voters consider Biden too old to run for president, whereas only 47% feel the same way about Trump.

The poll also reveals that voters see Trump as having a stronger vision for the future (52% to Biden's 44%) and find Biden to be more likable (48% to Trump's 31%) and honest (45% to Trump's 38%).

In a head-to-head rematch of the 2020 election, Biden and Trump are tied at 46% support each.

A person holding a sign with statistics showing the majority of Americans disapproving of President Biden's handling of the economy. (taken with Sony Alpha a7 III)

Interestingly, during his Labor Day speech, Biden claimed that America has the strongest economy and lowest inflation rate in the world, despite rising prices.

To support this claim, Biden mentioned that wages are growing faster than inflation, but the poll results indicate that the majority of Americans do not share his optimistic perspective.

In fact, 59% disapprove of Biden’s handling of the economy, suggesting that his messaging on 'Bidenomics' is not resonating with a significant portion of the population.

The poll also highlights concerns about inflation and rising costs, with only 34% of respondents approving of Biden's approach.

Overall, the results of this poll serve as a reality check for President Biden and his administration, showing that they have not yet convinced the majority of Americans that their economic strategies are effective.