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published : 2023-11-04

Seinfeld, Margulies, and Industry Heavyweights Speak Out Against Hollywood's Hypocrisy on Antisemitism

Hollywood's silence on Israel-Hamas conflict and rising antisemitism draws criticism

Jerry Seinfeld during a press conference addressing the issue of Hollywood's silence on antisemitism. Taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Multiple A-list actors, TV showrunners, and Hollywood producers are speaking out against their colleagues in Tinseltown for their hesitance to condemn the Hamas attacks on Israel and the increasing antisemitism around the world.

Renowned entertainers like Jerry Seinfeld and Julianna Margulies, along with Hollywood producers and showrunners, have voiced their concern that many in the entertainment industry have remained silent on this issue.

These actors and industry heavyweights also point out the apparent hypocrisy of an industry that readily promotes #MeToo and Black Lives Matter but stays quiet on Israel's war on Hamas and the antisemitism that follows.

An open letter signed by hundreds of Writers Guild of America (WGA) union members, including Jerry Seinfeld, Sacha Baron Cohen, Josh Gad, and Eli Roth, criticized the WGA for being the only major Hollywood union without a statement on the Hamas attack on Israel.

The letter accused the WGA of hypocrisy, stating that while the union has always taken a stand on important issues, it remained silent when terrorists attacked Israel, committing heinous acts against innocent civilians.

Julianna Margulies passionately speaking out against antisemitism in the entertainment industry. Taken with Nikon D850.

Joel Fields, the showrunner for 'The Americans,' expressed his disappointment in the Writers Guild, saying they have failed to speak up and issued their statements through silence.

Ilana Wernick, a writer-producer on TV shows like 'Mom' and 'Modern Family,' bluntly stated that the WGA has a Jew-hating problem and needs to address it openly.

In the wake of the condemnation, some WGA members have even decided to withhold dues from the union.

Actress Julianna Margulies criticized the industry's silence on antisemitism and questioned why everyone in Hollywood isn't speaking up and standing against it.

Hollywood producer Jeremy Steckler expressed his disappointment, feeling the lack of support as a personal affront to his heart and identity.

A group of Writers Guild of America (WGA) union members signing the open letter condemning the silence on the Israel-Hamas conflict. Taken with Sony Alpha a7 III.

These criticisms have sparked a debate in Hollywood, with many questioning why the industry has been silent on antisemitism and the war on Hamas.

The issue raises concerns about the industry's selective support for social movements and the need for greater unity in condemning hatred and violence.

The call for Hollywood to break its silence on antisemitism continues, urging the industry to take a stand and address the rising concerns.