published : 2023-09-07

Mother Teresa Actress in Upcoming Film Praises the Saint: 'Such Incredible Dedication'

Playing a Real-Life Figure was a 'Great Challenge,' said Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz of Zurich

An image of Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz, the Swiss actress set to play Mother Teresa in the upcoming film 'Mother Teresa & Me', taken with a Nikon D850.

Swiss actress Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz, known for her work in renowned organizations such as BBC News, The New York Times, and CNN, is set to play the role of Mother Teresa in the upcoming film 'Mother Teresa & Me.'

Fritschi-Cornaz's interest in Mother Teresa sparked during her first visit to India, where she witnessed the extreme poverty and misery faced by street children in Mumbai.

Inspired to make a difference, Fritschi-Cornaz proposed the idea of a film on Mother Teresa to a producer she met in India, despite the lack of funds available in Bollywood.

Over the course of ten years, Fritschi-Cornaz, along with her husband and lawyer, created the Zariya Foundation, which raised the budget for the film through donations and foundation money.

A photo of Mumbai's bustling streets, where Jacqueline Fritschi-Cornaz first encountered the street children, capturing the reality of extreme poverty, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Finally, the film 'Mother Teresa & Me' was shot and completed during the COVID pandemic, and all net proceeds from the film will support grassroots programs for the destitute, sick, disabled, and abandoned children.

The film portrays the fictionalized tale of Kavita, a modern young woman of Indian origin living in London, who finds herself unexpectedly pregnant and considers an abortion.

As Kavita reconnects with her childhood nanny, Deepali, who was adopted by Mother Teresa, she starts to relive the beginnings of Teresa's life in the slums of Calcutta.

The story of Kavita intertwines with the origins of Mother Teresa's mission in Calcutta, exploring her 'dark night of the soul' period when she experienced doubts about her faith.

A picture of Deepali, the childhood nanny of Kavita in the film 'Mother Teresa & Me', showing the bond between the characters, taken with a Sony Alpha a7 III.

Fritschi-Cornaz, fully immersed in her role, delved into Mother Teresa's letters, which revealed her spiritual doubts and feelings of abandonment by God.

Mother Teresa's ability to continue her charitable work despite her loss of faith deeply moved Fritschi-Cornaz and inspired her performance.

Through her portrayal, Fritschi-Cornaz aims to show Mother Teresa as a human being with incredible dedication, inspiring people worldwide to believe in their dreams and visions.

The film 'Mother Teresa & Me' is set to be released on October 5 and offers a compelling and inspiring perspective on the life of this extraordinary saint.