published : 2023-09-25

Kate Beckinsale Slams Haters and their 'Fairly Constant...Bullying'

Actress Kate Beckinsale shares strong opinions on social media and references the allegations made against Russell Brand

Image prompt: Kate Beckinsale sharing a powerful message on her Instagram. (Taken with a Nikon D850)

Renowned actress Kate Beckinsale is taking a stand against the haters who constantly inundate her Instagram comments with negativity.

In recent days, the British star has been using her social media platform to shed light on victims of assault and their bravery in coming forward.

Sharing a video from her appearance on 'The Tonight Show' in 2019, Beckinsale captions it by acknowledging the 'fairly constant f---wittery and bullying' she faces on the app.

Despite the hate, Beckinsale is overwhelmed by the outpouring of support and kind messages she receives from strangers, far surpassing the negative comments.

Image prompt: Kate Beckinsale engaging with her followers on social media. (Taken with a Canon EOS R)

The actress believes social media has the potential to be a loving and positive force, recounting a heartwarming story of a nonverbal autistic child who found his voice after watching one of her sneezing videos.

Expressing gratitude towards her followers, Beckinsale highlights the power of connecting with strangers and the joy it can bring.

However, she doesn't hold back when it comes to addressing the haters, particularly those who hold sexist views.

Beckinsale shuts down those who believe women should stay in the kitchen, asserting her independence and strength.

Image prompt: Kate Beckinsale speaking passionately on 'The Tonight Show'. (Taken with a Sony A7 III)

She disables comments after reposting an article referencing recent sexual assault allegations against Russell Brand, showing her support for the victims.

Through her posts and actions, Beckinsale continues to use her platform to raise awareness and educate others on issues like sexual harassment.

The article ends by emphasizing the impact Beckinsale's words and actions can have, encouraging readers to reflect on their own views and perspectives.