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published : 2023-10-17

Craig Morgan: Balancing Music Career and Serving His Country

Country music star Craig Morgan shares insights on his dual roles

Craig Morgan performing on stage during a live concert

Country music star Craig Morgan has found the perfect harmony between his music career and his dedication to serving his country. In a recent interview, Morgan discussed how he has maintained this delicate balance.

Morgan, who is set to release his EP 'Enlisted,' revealed that being a soldier has always been a part of his identity. He emphasized the saying, 'once a soldier, always a soldier,' and stressed that in his head, he has never quit being a soldier.

Re-enlisting in the U.S. Army Reserve at the age of 59, Morgan described the experience as refreshing and very exciting. He expressed his pride, honor, and humility in being a part of something that is 'so much bigger than yourself.'

A photo of Craig Morgan dressed in military uniform during his re-enlistment ceremony

While his music career requires coordination and personal thought, Morgan explained that being a soldier demands dedication not only from him but also from his family. Acknowledging the challenges, he affirmed that the reward of being surrounded by some of the greatest Americans makes it all worth it.

Morgan's new EP, 'Enlisted,' features collaborations with acclaimed artists such as Blake Shelton, Luke Combs, and Lainey Wilson. The project contains renditions of his biggest hits along with two new songs. The idea behind the record came about when Morgan decided to re-record his 2005 hit 'Redneck Yacht Club' and sought out fellow musicians to give his older songs a fresh twist.

Speaking of his fellow artists, Morgan expressed his belief in Lainey Wilson's superstar potential even before her rise to fame. He described her as hardworking, God-fearing, and a beautiful soul with an unparalleled talent.

Collage of album covers featuring Craig Morgan's music and collaborations with Blake Shelton, Luke Combs, and Lainey Wilson

As for his close friend Blake Shelton, Morgan playfully referred to him as 'a complete idiot all the time.' Their camaraderie and Shelton's dedication to recording vocals for 'Enlisted' despite his busy schedule exemplify the fun and supportive nature of their friendship.

Through his music and military service, Craig Morgan aims to encourage more people to serve their country. With less than 1% of Americans currently serving in the military, Morgan intends to inspire others to understand that it's not about self or government but about a sense of pride, humility, and dedication to something greater.

Craig Morgan's journey as a country star and soldier exemplifies the remarkable balance between pursuing one's passion and answering the call of duty. His commitment to both his music career and his military service serves as an inspiration to all.