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published : 2023-11-09

Kat Von D Finds Redemption in Christianity After Abandoning Witchcraft

The former tattoo artist and entrepreneur shares her journey of rediscovering her relationship with God

A photo of Kat Von D holding a tattoo machine, taken with a Canon EOS R5.

Renowned tattoo artist and reality TV star, Kat Von D, has made headlines after revealing her newfound faith in Christianity.

In a recent interview on the 'Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey' podcast, Von D opened up about her past fascination with new age practices and her journey towards embracing Jesus.

At the age of 20, Von D described herself as having a 'free-thinking mentality' which led her to question authority and explore practices such as witchcraft, meditation, and yoga.

However, despite her initial curiosity, Von D eventually found that these non-Christian spiritual practices were only providing temporary relief, like 'short-lived band-aids on a sinking ship.'

Realizing she was searching for answers in all the wrong places, Von D decided to take a drastic step towards finding true meaning and gave up her collection of books on witchcraft and new age practices.

She described these items as 'crutches' that she no longer needed in her life, as her focus shifted towards her relationship with Jesus.

A picture of Kat Von D during her interview on the 'Relatable with Allie Beth Stuckey' podcast, taken with a Nikon D850.

Von D's journey towards Christianity wasn't without its challenges. In her interview, she mentioned her struggles with alcohol and drugs, but credited her sobriety, which spans almost 17 years, as a significant turning point in her life.

Prior to her shift in beliefs, Von D found herself envious of her Christian friends, admiring the 'light' they had in their lives.

Inspired by their faith and the desire to find true happiness, Von D made a profound decision to embark on a new path.

During the interview, she expressed her excitement for her newfound faith, proclaiming, 'I'm on fire for Jesus. I don't plan on this dimming out.'

In her pursuit of a closer relationship with God, Von D recently moved to Indiana and joined a Baptist church, where she felt a deep connection and decided to embrace the sacrament of baptism.

However, Von D's decision to share her baptism video on social media faced criticism from both non-Christians and Christians alike.

An image of Kat Von D standing by a river in Indiana after joining a Baptist church, taken with a Sony A7 III.

Despite the backlash, she stood firm in her decision, clarifying that the video was not intended as a PR stunt but as a symbolic gesture to make amends for her past.

Von D's ultimate goal with sharing her baptism was to publicly announce her renewed commitment to her faith.

Reflecting on her journey, Von D acknowledged the influence of her parents, who were Christian missionaries, in her life.

While she rebelled during her younger years, she recognized the impact of their faith in her eventual return to Christianity.

Von D admitted to putting her parents 'through a literal hell,' but through the power of prayer, she experienced a spiritual awakening that has transformed her life.

Now, with her faith stronger than ever, Von D hopes to inspire others through her journey and share the joy and fulfillment she has found in her relationship with Jesus.