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published : 2023-11-15

Barry Williams Shocked 'DWTS' Crowd with Shirt-Ripping Finale Performance

Barry Williams reflects on his 'Dancing with the Stars' journey after elimination

Barry Williams performing an electrifying salsa dance on 'Dancing with the Stars' taken with a Nikon D850

Barry Williams, the iconic star from 'The Brady Bunch' and 'Dancing with the Stars' contestant, left fans stunned with an unforgettable finale performance.

After being eliminated from the show, Williams shared his experience and what he enjoyed most from his time on 'Dancing with the Stars'.

In an interview with Fox News Digital, Williams revealed the intention behind his final performance. He aimed to capture the judges' attention and ensure they were focused on his dance, rather than the other contestants.

'And it worked,' he chuckled. Williams' plan succeeded in grabbing everyone's attention.

During his last dance, Williams stole the show in a thrilling salsa dance-off with his partner, Peta Murgatroyd. But he didn't stop there.

In a shocking move, Williams ripped off his shirt, surprising the audience and leaving them amazed.

Barry Williams captivating the audience as he rips his shirt off during his finale performance on 'Dancing with the Stars' captured by a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV

The 'Dancing with the Stars' crowd erupted with wild cheers and chanted his name in awe of his performance.

Notably, fellow 'Brady Bunch' star Christopher Knight expressed his amusement and admiration for Williams' bold finale. Knight couldn't help but chuckle as he remarked, 'I'm going to chuckle forever. It was great.'

While Williams' elimination was unfortunate, he left the competition with an extraordinary performance that showcased his dedication and talent.

Barry Williams' fellow competitor, Ariana Madix, expressed her disappointment upon hearing of his departure. She praised Williams' incredible skills and believed he had the potential to make it to the final.

Williams dedicated himself to 'Dancing with the Stars,' enduring intense daily workouts and physical strain. He described it as a challenging, yet rewarding experience.

Reflecting on his journey, Williams expressed gratitude to his wife Tina Mahina, a professional hula dancer, for her unwavering support and valuable input in his dance rehearsals.

Taylor Swift sending a special video message to the 'Dancing with the Stars' contestants ahead of the Taylor Swift-themed night, photographed using a Sony Alpha a7 III

As Williams exits the competition, he is content with crossing 'Dancing with the Stars' off his bucket list and plans to continue dancing beyond the show.

The remaining contestants are gearing up for a Taylor Swift-themed night, an event anticipated by fans and reality star Ariana Madix, who admires Swift's talent and work ethic.

In anticipation of the upcoming show, Taylor Swift shared a special video message with the 'Dancing with the Stars' contestants, expressing her excitement for the celebration of her eras.

The competition continues to captivate audiences, airing live on Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC and Disney+.

Barry Williams' journey on 'Dancing with the Stars' may have come to an end, but his memorable performances and captivating presence will be remembered by fans and viewers alike.