published : 2023-09-28

Steve Scalise's Aggressive Chemotherapy Results in Dramatic Drop in Cancer

House Republican Majority Leader battles blood cancer with promising treatment

A photo of Steve Scalise confidently addressing the media outside the House of Representatives, taken with a Nikon D850.

House Republican Majority Leader, Steve Scalise, has announced that his decision to undergo an aggressive form of chemotherapy to treat his blood cancer has yielded remarkable results.

Scalise shared the news after completing a comprehensive evaluation with his medical team last week upon his return to Capitol Hill.

With the goal of addressing the damaging effects of the cancer and regaining control over his health, Scalise faced a crucial decision while in the hospital.

Consulting with his outstanding oncologist in New Orleans, Scalise opted for an aggressive approach, relying on well-established treatments approved by the FDA for decades.

Grateful for the efficacy of the chemotherapy, Scalise expressed his determination to pursue the treatment vigorously, already being a month into the process.

Remarkably, the cancer has shown a dramatic decrease thanks to the success of the aggressive chemotherapy.

A close-up shot of Steve Scalise standing strong at Capitol Hill, with the Washington Monument in the background, taken with a Canon EOS R6.

Steve Scalise first disclosed his diagnosis of blood cancer, specifically Multiple Myeloma, back in August.

However, Scalise reassured Americans at the time that his particular form of cancer is highly treatable and began treatment immediately.

The House Majority Leader displayed unwavering commitment to his duties, vowing to continue working throughout the treatment and returning to Washington.

Scalise's resolve stemmed from the confidence in the effectiveness of the medical interventions and the treatability of Multiple Myeloma.

This recent announcement of the significant reduction in the cancer further bolsters that confidence.

Scalise's battle with cancer adds another chapter to his remarkable journey, which included surviving a gunshot wound in 2017.

An inspiring image of Steve Scalise passionately speaking to his colleagues during a House Republican caucus meeting, captured with a Sony Alpha 7R IV.

Despite the critical condition he faced after being shot during a practice for the congressional baseball game, Scalise defied the odds and returned to his legislative responsibilities in September of the same year.

As this thrilling narrative unfolds, it serves as a testament to Scalise's resilience, determination, and unwavering dedication to serving the people of Louisiana's First Congressional District.

There is no doubt that Scalise's unwavering attitude in the face of adversity will continue to inspire and propel his colleagues and constituents alike.

His remarkable fight against cancer further solidifies his status as an unyielding leader, and the impact of his journey resonates on a greater scale, fostering hope and admiration.