published : 2023-10-19

'Jurassic Park' Star Sam Neill Tearfully Apologizes for Worrying Fans, Clarifies Remarks About Cancer Battle

Sam Neill, who is battling stage 3 blood cancer, recently said the rare drug that has helped him stay in remission 12 months will eventually stop working

Renowned 'Jurassic Park' star Sam Neill tearfully apologizes for worrying fans, clarifies remarks about his cancer battle. Photo prompt: Sam Neill sitting outside on his porch, taken with Nikon D850.

Renowned 'Jurassic Park' star Sam Neill has tearfully apologized to his friends and fans after his recent remarks about his battle with cancer caused concerns.

In an emotional video shared on Instagram, the 76-year-old actor clarified the comments he made during an interview on the television program 'Australia Today.'

Neill revealed that he had been in remission for 12 months due to the positive effects of a rare anti-cancer drug. However, doctors informed him that the drug would eventually stop working.

Addressing the worries of his supporters, Neill assured everyone that there was nothing to be concerned about.

He stated, 'I made a passing remark that the treatment I'm on, which has kept me in remission, will inevitably fail one day. Well, that's what happens. It's nothing to worry about.'

Expressing his determination to remain in remission for many years to come, Neill added, 'I plan to be in remission for many years to come. I'll bore you all to death with lots more work, and if the treatment fails, we'll try something else. There's a whole new ballgame with cancer these days.'

Sam Neill shares emotional video on Instagram to clarify comments about his cancer treatment. Photo prompt: Close-up of Sam Neill's tearful face, taken with Canon EOS R.

Although visibly emotional, Neill made a plea for his fans to stop worrying, saying, 'It's all good, it's all fine. It's a beautiful day, and I'm off to work.'

Despite his battle with stage 3 blood cancer, Neill maintains a positive outlook. During his appearance on 'Australia Story,' he admitted that he's 'not remotely afraid' of death and finds the idea of dying 'annoying' because there are still things he wants to accomplish.

Detailing his diagnosis of angioimmunoblastic T-cell lymphoma, Neill described the challenging journey he has been on. He went through brutal chemotherapy, which stripped him of 'any kind of dignity.'

However, Neill's determination to fight remained strong. His doctor, Orly Lavee, praised his commitment to treatment, explaining that despite the cancer becoming more aggressive, Neill was keen to continue fighting.

Lavee prescribed a rare anti-cancer drug for Neill's treatment, much to his surprise, it was effective. He expressed immense gratitude for the remission he has achieved and shared that he will be on the medication for the rest of his life.

While acknowledging the possibility that the treatment may stop working one day, Neill expressed his readiness for it and stated that he has done some good things in his life.

'Jurassic Park' star Sam Neill plans to be in remission for many years to come. Photo prompt: Sam Neill smiling while holding a bouquet of geraniums, taken with Sony A7 III.

The actor also admitted to having some regrets but emphasized his ability to live with those regrets and accept his fate.

Regarding his illness, Neill's son revealed that the actor isn't interested in talking about it and even finds it uninteresting. Neill himself stated, 'I'm not interested in cancer. I've got other things on my mind, and it's not cancer.'

Despite the challenges he faces, Neill has continued working in the entertainment industry. He recently wrapped up shooting the limited series 'Apples Never Fall' and is currently in production for season 2 of the Australian crime series 'The Twelve.'

Sam Neill's story serves as an inspiration, reminding us of the strength and determination required to face challenges head-on. He has shown that even in the face of a ferocious illness, one can find the courage to continue pursuing their passion and making a difference.