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published : 2023-09-17

Former Police Officers Sentenced for Stealing Thousands of Dollars from Drivers During Traffic Stops

Former East Cleveland Officers Willie Sims and Alfonzo Cole will both serve time for stealing cash, drugs and guns in traffic stops

An image of a police car parked on the side of a road during a traffic stop, taken with a Nikon D850

In a shocking revelation, two former police officers in East Cleveland, Ohio have been sentenced to prison for their involvement in a series of thefts during traffic stops.

Willie Sims, 32, and Alfonzo Cole, 35, were found guilty of stealing a total of $14,781, two firearms, and marijuana edibles from unsuspecting motorists between July 2020 and July 2021.

The Cuyahoga County Prosecutor's Office revealed that the officers targeted at least six victims during this period, exploiting their authority for personal gain.

Both Sims and Cole pleaded guilty to four counts of felony robbery and one count of felony theft in office, facing serious consequences for their actions.

In addition, Cole was convicted on charges of having weapons under disability and carrying concealed weapons for stealing guns from two separate drivers.

The extent of their crimes became evident when they robbed a 21-year-old motorist of $4,000, who promptly reported the incident to the police station where he worked.

A close-up shot of stolen cash, drugs, and guns confiscated during the investigation, taken with a Canon EOS R

This led to the apprehension of Cole, who was found in possession of $1,200 and marijuana edibles during his arrest.

Jonathan Whitlow, one of the victims, expressed his frustration, stating that similar incidents had been occurring in East Cleveland for over two decades without any intervention.

However, he expressed doubt that the officers would have been investigated if it weren't for his own response to the robbery, highlighting the systemic issue present in the department.

The sentencing brought some relief to Whitlow, although he acknowledged that it was unlikely he would ever be fully compensated for the theft he had experienced.

Judge Timothy McGinty understood the victim's perspective and emphasized the importance of holding the officers accountable for their actions.

As the sentencing unfolded, it became apparent that Sims showed no remorse for his actions and even regarded himself as a thief specializing in targeting drug dealers.

A photo of a courtroom with the judge delivering the sentence to the former police officers, taken with a Sony A7 III

His lack of regret became evident when he claimed to have learned his criminal activities from his superiors in the police force.

These revelations shed light on a wider investigation into department corruption in East Cleveland, with numerous former and current police officers facing charges.

Amidst this scandal, the community is urged to stay vigilant as the Moscow police department continues its investigation into the Idaho murders case.

Nancy Grace, Fox Nation host, provided analysis on the latest updates from the case, ensuring that the public remains informed and engaged in the pursuit of justice.