published : 2023-08-24

Top Christian Prayer App Collaborates with Universities to Enhance Spiritual Resources

Notable Christian prayer application 'Hallow' links up with three renowned educational institutions, reiterating that 'God is not forgotten by the youth'

A young adult engrossed in prayer in a quiet corner of a university campus, capturing the serene atmosphere around them. Image taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV DSLR.

In a revelation characteristic of our present times, millions of university students nationwide have returned to their campuses not armed with books alone, but also an intriguing digital tool that has been making waves in the religious community.

It is evident that they aren't entirely succumbing to the contemporary fascination for social media or entertainment platforms. Instead, they have latched onto 'Hallow', a Christian prayer app that has quickly risen to the top of its genre.

'Hallow' has reportedly witnessed a significant surge in interest, particularly amongst the youth. The company's data substantiates this trend with over half of all users being 35 or younger, and a remarkable 16% falling between the ages of 18 and 34.

This serves to underpin the fact that this trend of faith amongst young people isn't dying down, but rather is experiencing an unexpected resurgence.

The mastermind and CEO behind Hallow, Alex Jones, recently announced a partnership with Benedictine College in Kansas. This partnership promises free premium access to students, faculty, and staff, enriching their spiritual journey with an extensive audio library of faith-based meditations and prayers.

CEO of Hallow, Alex Jones, deep in discussion during a Board meeting at Benedictine College, with the institution's emblem subtly noticeable in the background. Shot taken with a Nikon D850 DSLR.

But the ties don't end there, more universities are coming on board to pocket Hallow's vast collection of prayer resources. Besides Benedictine College in Kansas, their collaborators extend to the University of Notre Dame in Indiana and Franciscan University of Steubenville in Ohio.

With this blend of academia and spiritual enlightenment, the students are gaining access to more than just textbooks. They are provided with an invaluable tool to explore their spiritual identities and find a sense of peace and purpose in their relationship with God.

According to Hallow, the most sought-after sessions encompass sacred music, daily prayers, and bedtime prayers that serve as a solid foundation to navigate through the challenges of not just university life but the realities of the world as they know it.

'Youth hasn't lost faith in God,' insists Alessandro DiSanto, co-founder and head of schools at Hallow. He emphasizes the need for spiritual seeker tools to support the younger generations' faith exploration, keeping in step with their fast-paced lives.

DiSanto shares that Hallow is designed to meet them where they are, giving them immediate access to spiritual guidance through their earphones without imposing on their beliefs.

A group of college students sitting in a circle, each engrossed in their own devices, showcasing their unique encounter with the Hallow application. Image captured with a Sony A7R III mirrorless.

Soaring to the top of the App Store charts, Hallow has carved a niche for itself and its unique audio-based spiritual approach.

Hallow has indeed extended its reach across the globe after a prominent presence at World Youth Day in Portugal, making its mark by collaborating with notable figures from the religious community.

Users of the application find it particularly helpful in maintaining spiritual balance in their daily lives. Surveys reveal that it has served both practicing and non-practicing Christians, offering diverse and enriching ways to connect with one's faith.

The application's scope transcends prayer and meditation and becomes a beacon of hope for individuals grappling with mental health challenges and desolation. The application's persuasive reach is a testament to the transformative power of technology when applied to spiritual and mental wellbeing.

This unique intertwinement of tech and faith, undoubtedly an intriguing narrative of the times we live in, underlines that spirituality still has a firm footing in today's world, especially amidst the younger generations.