published : 2023-11-28

Pope's Health Update: Lung Inflammation Diagnosis Raises Concerns

Pope Francis receiving antibiotics as he plans to attend climate change conference in Dubai

Pope Francis receiving antibiotics in his room at the Vatican. Photo taken with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Pope Francis is in 'good and stable' condition after being diagnosed with lung inflammation, according to the Vatican.

The pontiff's health update came after he canceled his weekly appointment to greet people in St. Peter's Square, raising concerns for his well-being.

Although the CT scan ruled out pneumonia, the pope revealed during his weekly blessing that he is indeed suffering from lung inflammation.

With a bandage on his hand and an IV tube administering antibiotics, Pope Francis continues to receive medical treatment.

Despite his health setback, the pope's condition is improving, and he does not have a fever.

The Vatican's press office director, Matteo Bruni, speaking about the pope's improving condition. Photo taken with Nikon D850.

To ensure a speedy recovery, the pope has postponed some important engagements, focusing his time and energy on recuperation.

Although the Vatican has not provided details about specific appointments, it stated that those of an institutional or easier nature would proceed.

In the meantime, Pope Francis' activities over the next few days will be limited to conserve his strength.

In the midst of his recovery, the pope recently held a private meeting with the president of Paraguay, Santiago Peña, at the Vatican guest house.

Amidst ongoing flu symptoms, Pope Francis led the midday Angelus prayer from his residence instead of appearing before the crowd at the Apostolic Palace.

Pope Francis leading the midday Angelus prayer from his residence. Photo taken with Sony Alpha a7 III.

Despite his health concerns, the pontiff remains determined to proceed with his upcoming trip to the United Arab Emirates.

During the trip, Pope Francis plans to deliver a speech on climate change at the United Nations COP28 climate talks in Dubai.

As we eagerly await updates on Pope Francis' health and his impactful speeches, we hope for his swift recovery and continued guidance.