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published : 2023-09-23

5 Great Ways Morning Exercise Can Set You Up for a Better Workday

The Benefits of Morning Exercise: Smart Tips from Experts on the Power of Early-Day Fitness

Engaging in morning exercise - A photo of a woman stretching and preparing for a workout, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

Squeezing in time for a workout isn’t always easy in a work, family or school balancing act, but fitness pros explain that making exercise a priority provides both physical and mental health benefits.

The advantages of early workouts range from boosting your energy to getting a positive mindset and benefiting from prolonged health benefits including better sleep quality.

To fuel a workout, experts recommend a small amount of 'good carbs' and fat, such as a banana with almond butter.

Engaging in morning exercise can significantly enhance your workday productivity. Early workouts trigger the release of endorphins, leading to improved mood and mental clarity throughout the day.

Boosting workday productivity - An image of a person working diligently at a desk, taken with a Nikon D850.

A research study from the University of Bristol revealed that employees who exercised before going to work or during lunch breaks were better equipped to handle the challenges of the day.

Morning exercise may also provide sustained energy levels, reducing the midday slump many experience.

Similarly, exercise stimulates the release of endorphins, which boost energy levels and enhance mood. Morning workouts can provide a natural energy boost, helping you feel more awake and alert during work.

Exercise first thing in the morning can enhance your attention, decision-making, memory, and may provide a sharper mind to tackle your workday.

Improving sleep quality - A peaceful photo of a cozy bedroom with soft lighting, taken with a Sony Alpha a7R III.

Morning exercise can promote both a better circadian rhythm and improve sleep quality, according to a recent study.

Morning exercise has not only been proven to boost your energy but it can support a positive mood. When you start the day off with a big 'to-do' already accomplished in getting through a workout, you can take your extra energy boost and apply that to your work and the rest of your day.

Post-exercise, experts recommend eating a balanced meal with proteins, healthy fats, and complex carbs for optimal recovery.