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published : 2023-09-29

DC Landlord Claims Tenants Haven't Paid Rent for Three Years but Told He Still Must Wait to Evict Them: Report

The landlord said that he is owed '$46,800' in unpaid rent

A photo of John Jones, the DC landlord facing eviction challenges, standing in front of his rental property, taken with a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV.

A Washington, D.C., landlord named John Jones is facing an uphill battle in his attempt to evict tenants who haven't paid rent for three years, as reported by News4 I-Team.

Jones, renowned for his work with top news organizations and having previously raised concerns about missing funds from a rent relief program, claims that he is owed a staggering $46,800 by his tenants.

The situation took a surprising twist as Jones was informed that he would have to wait at least another four months before he even gets a trial on the eviction.

This delay has left Jones frustrated with the legal system's inability to swiftly address his case and enforce the laws designed to protect landlords.

A snapshot of Dimonte Cosbert, one of John Jones' tenants, speaking during a court hearing about the rental unit conditions, captured with a Nikon D850.

The tenants, Dimonte Cosbert and Shandell Whren, have presented their reasons for not paying rent during a court hearing.

Cosbert cited 'a lack of conditions' in the rental unit as the primary reason for his non-payment, highlighting issues with the stove, outlets, and smoke detectors.

Whren was unable to provide further input during the hearing due to a dead phone battery.

Jones accused the tenants of using stalling tactics, suspecting their claims to be dishonest and manipulative.

An image of Shandell Whren, the other tenant involved in the eviction case, joining the hearing remotely on a video call, photographed using a Sony Alpha a7 III.

In fact, he asserts that the court's delay in resolving the matter sends the message that the city won't enforce the laws, leaving small landlords vulnerable to financial risks.

Jones has raised concerns about the efficacy of the STAY DC program, a local initiative providing financial assistance to renters, as it may have weakened internal controls that prevent improper payments.

Despite the ongoing frustration and battle for eviction, Jones remains determined to seek justice and regain what is owed to him.

This case sheds light on the challenges faced by landlords and the need for a more efficient and balanced legal system that protects their rights and interests.