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published : 2023-10-12

Handyman Helps Expose Celebrity Chef Squatting in Woman's Hollywood Home

Adam Fleischman finally leaves, denying squatting allegations

A photo of Flash Shelton, the handyman who helped expose Adam Fleischman as a squatter in Claudia's Hollywood home. The image is taken with a Nikon D850.

A handyman with experience removing squatters came to the aid of an older woman named Claudia who claimed that Iron Chef winner and former judge Adam Fleischman was living rent-free in her Hollywood home.

After being contacted by Claudia, the handyman named Flash Shelton confronted Fleischman, who had been living in the house since May without paying any rent.

Shelton recorded the encounter and posted it on his YouTube channel, hoping that media attention would pressure Fleischman to move out.

Eventually, Fleischman confirmed to Fox News that he had left the house on October 2.

During their confrontation, Shelton asked Fleischman if he felt any guilt or responsibility towards Claudia, but Fleischman denied any wrongdoing and stated that it was not his fault.

Fleischman claimed that he had intended to pay rent and be a normal tenant but had not been given a lease when he moved in.

He disputed the squatting allegations, mentioning that Claudia didn't request rent for the first few months, and he assumed she had some sort of credit.

Claudia, on the other hand, expressed frustration with the legal system as she couldn't remove Fleischman without going to court.

An image of Claudia, the woman who confronted Adam Fleischman about living rent-free in her home. The photo captures her frustration and determination. It is taken with a Canon EOS R.

She believed that the situation was unfair and that Fleischman was causing her financial distress, possibly leading to bankruptcy.

Fleischman's departure came after Shelton discovered that locking the door would lead to a civil court case.

Claudia, who has a medical condition exacerbated by stress, didn't want her identity revealed due to concerns about her health deteriorating under media attention.

According to Claudia, she had posted an ad on Craigslist to find people willing to pay rent and help generate income by hosting dinner parties at her home.

Fleischman responded to the ad, and they made an agreement to charge per plate for the dinner parties.

However, Claudia claimed that after the first event, Fleischman didn't pay her and even used her credit card without permission.

Fleischman denied using Claudia's card and dismissed her accusations as made-up stuff from a 'crazy person.'

He argued that since he wasn't given a lease or keys, he wasn't obligated to pay full rent.

A snapshot of Adam Fleischman, the Iron Chef winner and former judge, as he denies squatting allegations while leaving Claudia's Hollywood home. The photo is taken with a Sony Alpha A7 III.

Shelton documented the situation by placing cameras around the house, which captured Fleischman making disturbing statements about future arrangements once Claudia passes away.

The Los Angeles Police Department advised Claudia that the matter was a civil issue and they couldn't intervene.

Shelton, having successfully helped remove squatters previously, assisted Claudia free of charge.

He started a GoFundMe campaign not only to support Claudia but also to raise awareness and push for changes in squatter laws.

Despite the tension between Claudia and Fleischman, Shelton emphasized that tearing someone down wasn't the solution.

The article ends with a mention of Fleischman's restaurant endeavors and the closure of his latest restaurant, Slow Burn.